Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

What a busy day it's been today. Kendo's been home with the kids while I hopped (actually, I crawled, slowly in the car) over the Pennines to visit this lovely lady, Miss Louise, who is still incarcerated in the Infirmary. She's pretty damn bored (as you can imagine) so I thought a couple of hours catch up on the goings on in blog land and the real world (plus the donuts I took with me) might cheer her up a bit. Hopefully she'll be home for the day tomorrow and reading this so if she is *HI LOU* - and I'm gutted I forgot to take a picture!!

Once I'd crawled my way back across the mountains it was down to some serious Halloween business. Pumpkin carving, costumes and a little Trick or Treating was the order of the evening. Here's Miss Grace and Egg with their pumpkins.


I don't have one in their costumes because I stupidly forgot to take the camera but my MIL took some so I'll post them when I've got her to send them across.

Halloweening aside, pumpkins and sweeties was not the most exciting thing to happen today. The most exciting thing (except for my visit to Miss Lou of course :P) was THIS:


Which arrived in the post for me today. As soon as I saw who it was from I knew what it was and I couldn't open the package quick enough. I wasn't expecting to find all this extra goodness in there as well though. This was what was inside:


A super cute drawstring bag - I love this fabric!


This magazine with all sorts of gorgeous needleworky stuff in. Yum.


This cute little soap bar, and all these fabby fabrics, surrounding a mysterious item encased in bubble wrap.

Any ideas what it might be???????



Be. Still. My. Heart.

OMG. My very own stash of Marshmallow Fluff!! Now I can make some of these. I could not have been more excited.

In case you couldn't tell from the box who it came from it winged its way to me all the way from the wonderfully lovely and fabulous WMK. Who I think I love most in the world right now! After I'd bemoaned the fact that we just can't get this stuff here she emailed me with a note that simply said "Address for Fluff?" and here it is.

I can't wait to get into some Whoopie Pie making action over the weekend. Results to follow with pics I'm sure.




Lou said...

Thanks for the visit yesterday hun, it really cheered me up! I wish you'd have got that marshmallow fluff before you came, would have gone lovely with the donuts!! ;)