Monday, 6 October 2008


I saw this over at both April and Anna's blogs so thought I would steal it for today's post:

I am: Tenacious
I think: therefore I am
I know: there’s nothing more important than family
I have: a cold
I wish: there were more hours in the day
I hate: intolerance
I miss: not having responsibilities
I fear: losing the people I love
I hear: the air conditioning
I smell: canteen food
I crave: quiet
I search: for the remote control
I wonder: what my children will grow to be like
I regret: nothing, what’s the point?
I love: my kids and my husband
I ache: in my chest from coughing
I am not: impulsive
I believe: you can never judge a book by its cover
I dance: all the time
I sing: lullabies
I cry: when I’m angry
I fight: when I’m cornered
I win: occasionally
I lose: occasionally
I never: get enough sleep
I always: kiss the kids goodnight
I confuse: people easily
I listen: well
I can usually be found: with my nose in a book
I am scared: of nothing, except losing my family
I need: Lemsip!
I am happy about: where I am in my life
I imagine: all the other things I could be doing while I’m at work

Let's hear all about YOU!

Apologies again for the somewhat inane drivel of my previous bloggy offering. Things are calming down a little and my sanity is returning (what's left of it anyway). I have some scrapbook layouts to share, and my goodies from Kirsty's blog giveaway arrived so I will post a pic of them at some point too. Totally lush parcelness.



Locket Pocket said...

That's a good list Marie!

April said...

Like it! Hope your cold improves!

April xx