Wednesday, 15 October 2008

It Arrived!!

My copy of Wreck This Journal arrived yesterday! Hurrah! (Thanks for Auntie Yan for ordering it for me. Now she desperately wants one of her own!). Here it is, looking all shiny and new and unblemished……….


……. but not for long!

Here’s the author’s blurb that goes with this book:

An interesting concept, and one of those moment where you see something and think “Man, I wish I’d thought of that!”.

One of the first instructions in the journal is

Crack The Spine

Oh my. Do you know how hard that was for me? That’s like the cardinal sin of paperback ownership. I can’t abide cracking book spines. I hate it when I loan a book out and it comes back with a cracked spine. When from then on it involuntarily falls open at a certain page. A permanent reminder of damage that can’t be undone. It was SO hard, but I cracked on regardless. It was actually quite cathartic once I got going and strangely enough quite addictive.

It’s weird though. The wanton, wilful destruction of literature * is an alien concept to me. I love books. I respect books. Now here I am deliberately setting out to obliterate one. It feels a little sacrilegious, a bit naughty, like I’m going to get busted by the teacher any minute for being a book wrecking rebel. It feels underhand, like a sneaky little secret. You know what though; it’s only making it more fun. See, I’m already discovering my inner guerrilla artist!

Can I just state for the record. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

Journal wrecking aside (for now at least). It occurred to me this morning after reading over here, that I hadn’t shared with you what I won in the lovely Mrs Wiseman’s bloggy giveaway. Well, Kirsty send me a pizza box full of delicious scrapping goodies. Yummy, yummy scrapping stash. It was all very exciting. Here’s what I got:


Basic grey papers and rub-ons and fibres. Chipboard letters (a girl can never have to many of those), swirly, girlie acrylic stamps and a gorgeous handmade card. Now I just need to find the perfect photos to scrap with them….and some inspiration, that’d be important too. Thank you Kirsty.

It’s 11 o’clock. I make that officially time for elevenses. Fair trade Brazil nut cookies and nice cup of tea I think.


*Okay, so “literature” might be stretching the realms of description for this book, but you know what I mean.


April said...

I need a lie down now, after the thought of cracking the spine of a new book!

Love your pizza box of goodies

April xx

Marmadaisy said...

Cracking the spine?? Turning pages down?? Writing "my sentiments exactly how true" in the margins??
I want one of these defacable books. Where did you get it?

Apryl said...

*wince* at cracking of a book spine.. I hate that.. and I nearly bought that book last time we were in a barns and Nobles in the states. I really wish I had now. I put it down in favour of two novels. I may have to put it on my christmas list though... along with a standing mixer and a titchy baby sewing machine.

Mrs Moog said...

I love the idea of Wreck the Journal....although the spine cracking has me winceing!! Can't wait to see how you get on wrecking yours!