Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Not Entirely Un-panicking

Some days I think I really shouldn’t go blog surfing. It can be hazardous to your mental state (and mine’s already pretty fragile at the moment (see exhibit 1 and 2 below). TWO of the bloggy people I regularly stalk visit (Mrs Marmadaisy and The Ginger One) have reminded me this morning that’s its really not very long until Christmas. Not very long at all.

78 Days

18 Hours

38 Minutes

(to be almost exact).

That is SCARY! I’m not entirely sure where the time has gone this year. I really seems like yesterday I was whipping up one of these (won’t be wasting time on that this year because I did indeed spend more time making it than I did actually using it – but hey, it was fun).

What worries me most is that I had good intentions of making lots of hand made gifts this year, which is looking increasingly unlikely given the time constraints of working, and small people, and ballet classes, and swimming classes, and the dreaded but necessary housework. I’d say it’s increasingly likely I’ll be hitting the 3 for 2 offers at Boots for Christmas presents this year!

Do you hear that sound?? That’s the sound of my relatives breathing their collective sigh of relief.

I might have to take a serious look at my present list and see what the possibilities of me actually getting ANY handmade presents done are. 78 days… that’s more than 11 weeks….. surely I can come up with something in that amount of time? Can’t I?

Any suggestions for cool handmade gift ideas you’ve found on your bloggy travels would be gratefully appreciated. I’m sure there’s a plethora of great ideas out there. I’ll be on the look out and will be sure to share if I stumble across any.



Marmadaisy said...

You're taking ballet classes ??? :P
Totally pissed on my bonfire there with your "what are your best handmade gift finds?" question, as that was going to be my theme for my next post with tutorial attached. Humph.
Oh well, you always were able to read my mind :)

Unknown said...

gulp. Only 78 days? Jesus, I'd better get cracking...what am I doing here? lol!!!

Oh, I have a FAB link for you for chrimbo pressies. Lemme go get it and I'll be back...HANG ON!!!!!!

Unknown said...

here i am....


FAB blog, loads of tutorials for all sorts of stuff (halloween at the minute, but there's literally pages upon pages of ideas for christmas)

trash said...

When you put it in weeks it seems ages but say it is days? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! Not so many!

Thanks for your comment on my rant. I don't think either is a fabulous example of parenting.

April said...

OMG _ I could live without the countdown - there's me thinking I've got loadsa time!!

Lots to do....

April xx

Deanna said...

Hey Marie! :) I was just blogging about thinking about Christmas. I plan on sharing my vast collection of gonna make it someday links for gift making starting tomorrow (I hope!) on my blog.

Hope you are doing well!

Mrs Moog said...

Oh dear....if that's how long we've got I have no chance of making pressies to annoy my in-laws with this year ;)