Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Oxford Reading Tree Anyone??

Hi PTC bloggy readers. I need your help. I know some of you have children in Primary school, so I'm hoping you'll be able to answer this question easily.

Gracie's school uses the Oxford Reading Tree reading system. She's not started on her books yet, but I'm looking to make some flash cards with the main story characters on for her, so she can learn how to recognise their names in the stories.

These are the main characters in the books:

I know one is called Biff. one is Kipper and one is Chip. The burning question? WHICH ONE IS WHICH???

Answers on a postcard comment please. Put me out of my ORT confusion misery!


Locket Pocket said...

Ok then, Kipper is the youngest boy - the blondie, Chip is the older brown haired boy and Biff is the girl. I think it comes from when "Kipper" was young and couldn't say his older brother and sister's names - Biff may be related to Barbara but I can't remember!

Hope that helps!

Lucy x

P.S. They have friends called Wilf and Wilma and Nadeem and something else too - but the very main character is definitely Floppy the dog!

Locket Pocket said...

here's a link to the BBC webpage about them

Unknown said...

Now we know what Mrs. Locket reads on a night ;)

Mama said...

Addy for sending Fluff?

April said...

Well looks like Mrs Locket beat me to it, but if you let me have your address Marie, I will send you some of the Biff & Chip books that Caitie has "graduated" from - email me!

April xx