Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A Very Proud Mummy and Daddy Moment

Let me tell you about this little lady.


Yesterday we had Gracie’s first parent’s evening at school. Bizarrely I was pretty nervous going in (but I think that’s a lot to do with still feeling like a Primary schooler myself when I walk into that classroom!). We needn’t have worried though. Grace got an absolutely glowing report from her teacher and the nursery nurse. Basically, she rocks at school!

She’s attentive, sits nicely on the mat for lessons and listens well, she always does what they ask her (I could see Kendo and I both thinking the same thing at that point “how the hell do you get her to do that?!”). She’s doing great with learning her letters and sounds (they’re called “’blends’ when there’s two letters Mummy, not sounds” – that’s me told then) and can count really well. They have a page with little balloons on with numbers in and the ones they can recognise are coloured in. She was up to 12 coloured balloons with a note on the bottom which said “Grace can count way past 22” (I’m assuming they just tuned out at that point, as they’d heard enough – but she can count to 100 without much problem. Go Gracie!). Her writing is coming along really well; she’s starting to form her letters properly and to get the hang of keeping her writing a nice size and spaced well. She only needs to get a couple more letters down to pat (on recognising them) and she can move onto her first reading books!! Hurrah!

They said she’s always giving answers and is really keen to do the learning activities. She shares and plays well with the other kids and they’ve had no problems about her being upset about having to be there and wanting to go home.

Oh, and she’s a bit chatty. Yeah? Tell us something we didn’t know ;)

My daughter’s a total SWOT!! I’m so proud! ;)

Well done Gracie girl. Keep up the good work.



April said...

AW bless, what a fab report! What a star Gracie is!!

It always makes me so proud i could burst when we get glowing reports on C at parents night - and it is our turn tomorrow!

April xx

Marmadaisy said...

A girlie swot eh? Wonder where she got that from!
Well done Gracie, maybe there's a little treat in store??

Locket Pocket said...

Well done clever girl!!!!

Rach said...

Yay go Gracie!

We've got Charl's parents evening tonight - ha ha ha, that should be interesting!