Tuesday, 28 October 2008

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore.

Not that I ever was. In Kansas that is. You’ll see where this is going in a minute.

Yesterday I promised pics of my doll made with the Wee Wonderfuls Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern. For once, I’m actually going to deliver on one of my promised to post pics of a finished product. Wonders will never cease!

First though I just want to sing the praises of this pattern a little. I’ve never sewn a doll in my life and the pattern was a God send. It’s easy to download and print (sometime when you buy downloadable patterns it’s a nightmare actually getting to the product you’ve purchased), the pattern pieces are already at full size (no photocopier action necessary) and include the seam allowances. Apart from a few tricky little curves to get round it’s really easy to make up and I think it looks great. The instructions for the hair (the most daunting bit of any doll I would have thought) were really clear to follow and had me going “Ah…. Obviously that’s how you’d do it – why didn’t I think of that!”. I love the fact that the pattern comes with instructions for three hair dos and three outfits too so you can mix and match, or customise like I did. Should you ever fancy a bit of doll making – this is the pattern for you!

Right. Now I’ve finished blowing Hilary Lang’s trumpet for her I’ll get down to the business at hand. Meet Dorothy. Gracie’s new best friend.

Dorothy (standing)

Grace is a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz. She loves the movie and we went to see a local performance of it at the theatre a few months back (at some point I will take her to see Wicked, when it eventually comes to a theatre near here). I downloaded the pattern on Friday and was deliberating over which doll to make, then on Friday night when I was drifting off to sleep the idea to make a Dorothy doll popped into my head and just wouldn’t go away, no matter how I tried (don’t you just hate….or maybe love it when that happens?). Despite feeling a bit under the weather on Saturday (who isn’t this time of year) I dragged Gracie to the haberdashery and the fabric shop after dance class for some red glitter fabric, some peachy sheeting and some other bits and bobs and started sewing Saturday night once the kids were in bed.

The doll and the shirt and undershirt are directly from the pattern. The gingham number was one of those “make it up as you go along” sewing projects, which I only had to unpick one (woo hoo!). I gave her a nice centre part and bunches a la Ms Garland and I’m particularly fond of her little Ruby Slippers which were made using the pattern and some interesting amalgamations of black felt, sparkly fabric and Bondaweb. Repeat after me “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

There's no place like home

We did have a bit of a shoe emergency this morning when I decided after the 40th time of her losing a shoe that I really should attach them to her feet! A couple of tacking stitches each side sorted that out though and she was good to go.

Grace has gone off to the ILs this morning happily toting Dorothy under her arm. She loves her to pieces already. I’m sure she won’t look quite as respectable when she gets back from being dragged round a play group and the Safari Park today, but what good is a doll if you can’t play with her?

I fear these could be addictive though, I’m already hatching plans for the next ones.

On a completely different topic. There seems to be a lot of bloggers waxing philosophical this week. I wonder if it’s the rapidly approaching festive season that has everyone in such a pensive mood. This one (follow the link where it says Read This Story) made me tear up just a little. This one really struck home to me about being thankful for everything that I have. This one made me think about my scrapbooking a lot, and about the reasons I do it, and all the reasons I should stop beating myself up over trying to get it “right”.

So, that’s it I think. Two posts in two days. A miracle for me. I’ve got a couple more WTJ pages to share but I haven’t taken pictures of them yet so I’ll save them for a later date. Maybe tomorrow, I might consider myself on a roll then.



Unknown said...

oh - she's FAB!!!! You are a clever sausage!

April said...

Dorothy is absolutely gorgeous!

Those posts really made me stop and think too!

April xx

Tami said...

I was in Kansas....and I'm so glad I'm not anymore! That doll is supercute :)

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day - I appreciate it!!

Unknown said...

WOW!!! she turned out fantastically!!! :)

Deanna said...

That doll is fantastic! I can see why your daughter loves it!

{Lara} said...

those shoes are adorable!

mindy said...

So I saw your Hansel & Gretel dolls on Flickr and I'm hoping you might give me a quick bit of advice on how to do the boy hair. I am making dolls for my 3 kids for Christmas, but am not sure how to do the boys. I'd be oh so grateful if you could drop me a line and save me some frustration! :o) Thank you!!

mindygz AT gmail dot com