Monday, 27 October 2008

What's A Girl To Do?

Really, what's a girl to do when her hubby abandons her to run off and do this for the weekend*?

Well. If you're me, then you'd be downloading this fantastic pattern from Hilary Lang at the very cute and fabulous Wee Wonderfuls and setting about making your very own cloth doll (actually, Gracie's very own cloth doll, but you know what I mean). Kendo's been away all weekend camping (nutter!) so it's just been me and the kids at home. I've managed not to resort to the gaffer tape (although it came close a few times) and we've made it through the weekend relatively unscathed (unless you count the bump on Egg's noggin from falling over, the bump on my car's back bumper where I accidently reversed into someone when I was pulling off our drive and the hole in my thumb nail where I poked a sewing needle through it). See, relatively unscathed.

I'm almost done with my Wee Wonderfuls doll. She needs one more shoe making, and a face. I'm nervous about the face. I don't want to mess it up and have it look all creepy. At the moment (with no face) Kendo says it reminds him of that freaky episode of Tales of The Unexpected with the faceless nun in the rocking chair (anyone remember that?). Scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid. I'll post some doll pics tomorrow if I can get her finished tonight. I'm really pleased with how she's turned out.

Following on from this post. There has been a little bit of journal wrecking action going on. Mostly of the doodling variety (I find its easy to do what while I'm watching TV, or like today when there's only me in the office at work ;) ).

Here's a couple of my pages. Nothing spectacular, just a little more trashed than it started out:

The outside

The outside, looking a little more trashed now.

Title Page

The title page, a doodley work in progress.

Instructions page

The instructions. Pretty colours! Colouring is good for the soul.


Filling the page with circles. Another WIP.

Tear Strips

Tear Strips in a bag.

Glue or Staple

Glue or staple these pages. The bag is stapled to the back page and the title of the tear strips page is glued to the glue and staple one. If that makes any sense.

Envelope Doodle

Doodling like its the back of an envelope. No probs with this one, I do this all the time anyway.

Fruit stickers

Clearly I'm not getting my 5-a-day if this is the most fruit stickers I can come up with in 2 weeks. One of them isn't even mine!!

Doodle over this writing

Doodle over this page of text. And yes, I read it before I started, even when it told me to stop. Are you even surprised by that?

There's a lot of stressful stuff going on here at the moment (which I can't really share on here) so I'm actually finding the WTJ project really therapeutic. Hopefully I can get to some of the more random destructive ones at some point.


*In case you can't be bothered to, or can't see the video on this link, what he's been doing for the weekend is LARPing (aka Live Action Roleplay). Basically an excuse for grown adults to dress up in costumes and run round a field thwacking each other with rubber weapons. Think D&D, only the geeks have been let out of their room to play!


April said...

I love this Journal - what a fab idea!

Think you had the right idea staying at home rather than the role play thing - my ex was into it in a big way and it still brings me out in a cold sweat!

Hope everything is ok and stress settles down or goes away


April xx

Unknown said...

blooming lunatic, off to get himself killed for the weekend! I'd have much prefered hanging out at home with you lot!

I really really need that journal - Miss G would LOVE it!

Mrs Moog said...

I once spent a night with hairy 'vikings' - never ever again!! Nutters the lot of them!

Your journal is great. I found out a great old leather bound ledger yesterday and I fancy doing something similar with it.