Monday, 24 November 2008

The Best Laid Plans.

You know the saying. The best laid plans and all that. Well, my best laid plans for lots of craft room rennovation this weekend were scuppered - by two poorly small people :(

Tis always the way when you have small children, the one weekend you actually ever plan to get anything done and they manage to catch the lurgy and turn into weary, poorly snot-ridden creatures. It's not much fun (for them or us).

Of course, I should have known when I got in from work to a very sickly looking Eggman on Thursday night that the weekend was going to be a write off. It only got worse on Friday though when I managed to somehow get the key to my car stuck in the petrol cap *sigh* Unfortunately its one of those where the key remains in the cap until you put it back on the car - so not only could I not get it back onto the car, but I couldn't get the key out to move the car either. Cue calling Dad to come and rescue us from the petrol station - pushing the car out of the way of the a straight line because the steering lock was on. Then getting Dad to drive me to the other side of Wigan to Kendo's work to pick up the spare keys. Did I mention *sigh*?

Could things get worse from there - well, if you count having my hairdryer blow up mid-drying.... then that'd be a yes then. I spent Saturday with the left side of my hair dried nicely by the hair dryer and the right side left to its own devices, which basically means it was a pathetic attempt at curly. Not even dragging it back into a bobble could mask the hideousness that was my half hearted hair do. Again I say *sigh*

All was not lost though and I managed to salvage something of the weekend on Sunday when I recruited my lovely and very decorating-able Mum into helping me with the conservatory painting. So we now have over half the brick work painted and the first coat on the windows and door. Hopefully I will find the energy this week (assuming I ever recover from the fact that I've had about 6 hours sleep in three nights from being up with the kids) to get the walls finished and another coat on the woodwork so I can get moved in and get cracking on the unpacking.

Oh - and I've managed to complete 1 and 3/4 of my handmade Christmas presents - which I as much as I would love to, I can't share with you for another 5 weeks. Sorry. Pesky relatives reading the blog.

Sorry there's not WIP pictures of the craft room. I'm too lazy to get off my tush and take some I'm afraid. You'll have to use your imagination.



April said...

Oh dear, these things are sent to try us. Hope the poorly babas are feeling better soon and that you don;t get whatever they had.

April xx

Rach said...

{{{HUGS}}} to you and the kids hun, I know how you feel - had 2 poorly monsters here over the last couple of weeks and it is shattering!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your craft room when it's all done!


Kirsty Wiseman said...

you dont have a VW do you? they are notorious for key stickage.

Hey, dont let the smack blog find out that you are making hand made gifts - I mean, the shame of it ;)

Hugs xx

kim said...

Hope the kids are feeling better and that you don't catch anything--its always seems to be the case that you wear yourself down while caring for them and then get it just as they are feeling better (and of course are back up to normal energy levels)

Can't wait to see the room!

Mrs Moog said...

Sorry to hear the littlies have been poorly :(

Hope they're on the mend and that the craft room beautifying is going well. Can't wait to see the finished thing!


trash said...

Does this mean you had the snotty nose bug before my house? That must mean my two got it from yours! You are very welcome to have it back now.