Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud. ~ Hermann Hesse

So, trying something new today. If you dare. Click on the player below and get to hear me waffling at you.


Gabcast! The Cookie Blog Audio Files #2 - A Cookie Blog Audio Post


April said...

My god - you're brave!

That was so weird hearing a voice I haven't heard for nearly 15 years (yikes!). I had remembered you as sounding much the same as me, but hearing your voice again I realised how much 15 years of living "down south" and nearly 10 of those with a Brummie (not to mention all the voice lessons!) had changed my accent, now I think you sound more like my sister who is still local to you

I really like your bloggy style and you do make me laugh!

April xx

Marmadaisy said...

That was funny. Straight away I thought "phone voice!" :)

Unknown said...

Yes...I haven't heard you before but I thought 'she's got her phone voice on, hasn't she!!!'

Lou said...

OK, hate to say this, but I thought 'phone voice' too, but hey, at least you've got a phone voice! Some of us are too common to have one of those!

You're a braver woman than me Ek, doing an audio blog! Was lovely to hear your voice though on a dreary Wednesday morning!


Mrs Moog said...

Fab to hear you and not at all what I expected!!
I have everyone down as a 'BBC' accent. No doubt this is due to a lack of imagination and poor attention to detail on my part. Must remember to pay attention to the locations of my fellow bloggers in future!!

You have a lovely 'posh phone voice' Lancashire accent :-)


trash said...

Just a narcissistic half hour? I would have gone for at least the full hour. Totally get my money's worth!

I just read people's posts in my voice. Not out loud obviously b/c that would just be plain weird (and leaving written messages for a 'stranger' isn't?!?). Does this mean I am even more lacking in imagination than Lesley? Aaaak! Say it isn't so!

Monkee Maker said...

Oh man that's so weird! Because now when I read your blog posts I WILL hear your accent in my head!

I guess your experiment worked then ...