Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Everywhere I Turn.

Surely other people are starting to notice this too? Everywhere I turn there are signs that Christmas is really not as far off as you think it is. Blogs reminding me that it’s only a month until Christmas Day. Emails arriving in my inbox to tell me that Christmas Journalling Classes will begin on MONDAY (Eek!). Shops with Christmas Trees up already, and Christmas music starting to filter through into my consciousness from every quarter (Grace spent all evening yesterday singing Christmas Carols. What’s that all about?).

It has to stop. I’m just NOT READY for it to be Christmas in 4 weeks time. I’m not.

Granted I have all my bought presents bought (well, some are still enroute from their respective online orders, but I’ve done the buying bit). They’re not wrapped, but at least I have them. The handmade things are a little more of a panic. I still have 6 and a ¼ hand made gifts to make. When am I going to find the time to do that??? When?? I need to petition for at least 2 extra weeks to be added to November – both of them consisting solely of Bank Holidays.

Right. Enough hand-made Christmas panicking. There is nothing I can do about this from work, so no point worrying just yet. I’ll panic about that later.

On to craft-room updates. Contrary to Miss Lou’s clairvoyant prediction via email that I would spend all my time last night curled up on the sofa with my paint brush in hand I instead took my paint brush (well, brushes actually) and got to tackling the remainder of the painting in the conservatory (with the help of my lovely Mum – who is fab and fantastic and fortuitously lives next door ;)). And it’s DONE. Finito, finished, completed. Hurrah!! This afternoon is Ikea shopping to purchase one of these:

And then this evening I’ll be tackling 10 metres of white voile to make the window dressing (I won’t say curtains, because I’m actually sneakily appropriating the sliding tracks that the hideous pink blinds were attached too, so it’s actually a blind/curtain combo – I hope it turns out like I think it will in my head). Hopefully I can start moving back in on Thursday (and get cracking on some of that handmade giftness by the weekend!).

I’m very excited about the craft room, but I’m also pretty excited about something else. We have a star in our midst (other that Miss Lou’s lovely Emily who is going to be the star of the school play (Go Em!)). Do you remember Dorothy? Well she’s been showing off her Ruby Slippers over here, the little fame-monger! How cool is that though?

P.S. Apologies to the residents over at Trash Towers. Apparently the lurgy we've had in the PTC household this week was of such a virulant strain it's managed to cross over to them by cyberspace! Hope you're all feeling better soon!


Marmadaisy said...

Cute chair, but it made me sing "I fear Ikea, I won't go there again" to the tune of the The Wild Rover by ... erm ... The Dubliners??? Was it? I know you'll know what I mean.
Looking forward to seeing it all finished.

Lou said...

Yay, go Dorothy! Hope fame doesn't go to her (stuffed) head!

Can't wait to see your finished craftroom with all it's lovely pinkness (that's one way to keep DHs out of craft space, make it pink!).

Christmas? Really? hadn't noticed! :P

April said...

loving the pink chair!!! I know, Christmas has come round way to quickly for me too! Who's stupid idea was it to start a new job on 1st Dec??? I must be mad;-)

April xx

trash said...

i thank you most sincerely for your heartfelt apologies. I am grateful that you spread the bugs NOW rather than in three or so weeks when there is a plane journey to be taken HOWEVER next time please cough away from the computer screen when leaving comments ;-)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

I havent mentioned the c word on my blog.....yet. but when I do - there will be an explosion

Mrs Jelly said...

Wahey! I have that exact chair in my sewing room. Mine was free. Mr Jelly "rescued" it from a skip for me!