Thursday, 20 November 2008

I Might Be Willing To Concede…

…..that it could be entirely possible, depending on your point of view, that I may have in my possession, what could perhaps be perceived as (based on how one were to interpret the situation), an over abundance, which would be of course an entirely relative term, that is to say rather a large amount, in light of the quantity I actually could ever actually use, of crafting supplies. Do you think?


A little bit of craft room progress was made last night. I’ve managed to pack up all bar one shelf (which is the one which holds my albums which in the current arrangement is actually underneath the table) and a couple of items off the top of the bookcase. Tonight’s mission is to pack up those final bits and start on some furniture removal and dismantling. When I got home from work last night my lovely Mum had bought me a present. A 10L can of Pure Brilliant White smooth masonry paint. I love my Mum, she knows me so well ;)

Friday (my day off! Hurrah!) should hopefully see some wire-brush-meets-brickwork action followed by some painting. I think there might be hope for this project yet!

In other, totally unrelated to my craft room news (I can hear you all saying “phew” from here you know :P). Do you remember this project from last year:

Gracie's Sheep costume-Harvest Festival 2007

This was Gracie’s sheep costume for the playschool Harvest Festival. Right now at school they’re practicing for the Nativity play (being a Catholic school we get an actually Nativity and aren’t forced to abandon it for reasons of political correctness gone bonkers). They’re doing a version called “The Hoighty-Toighty Angels” and Gracie has been practicing singing all her songs for the last few weeks (quite well actually). Can you guess which role she’s been given in the play? You’ve guessed it. A sheep. Again. I fear my daughter might have been typecast as a farmyard animal (although she does make a really cute sheep : )). I’m actually really looking forward to seeing the play, from the bits I’ve heard Grace singing and what she’s been telling me it sounds really good. No doubt we’ll all be banned from the use of cameras and video recorders, but how else would the school get away with charging us for buying copies of the DVD?? :P



Lou said...

What is this 'too much craft stuff' of which you speak?! I didn't even now there could be such a thing as too much stash!

Gracie does make a very cute sheep, and just think, no new costume to make this year! Which will be a good thing with all the brick scrubbing it looks like you'll be doing! :P

April said...

no such thing as too much crafty stuff!

Loving Gracie's sheep costume. Lucky you geting a full blown Nativity - our school is a bit too multi-cultural to get away with that, but we are allowed to take photos and video the shows, so it's not so bad!

April xx

Michaela said...

I love a Nativity - our school is doing the Little Meramid this year and the sheep and shepherds will be sorely missed. On the bright side though, whilst some poor parents are wondering how on earth to make a sea snail or crab costume, I just have to find a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Result for once!