Monday, 17 November 2008

I Survived The Week!

Well, it’s Monday again and I managed to survive my week back in the land of SAHMness. My Mum was away for the week as part of her 65th Birthday present (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!) so I had to take some holiday time from work to stay home with the kids. Now I remember one of the reasons I come to work 3.5 days a week! Man it’s hard work being a SAHM. Seriously, I do less work at my actual work than I ever do when I’m home and at least at work I can drink a cup of tea in peace, hell, sometimes people even make my tea for me.

That said, the kids were nowhere near as troublesome as I expected them to be (why is it they are usually little angels for everyone else and holy terrors the second a parent is in sniffing distance??). Grace was at school all day so it was nice to get some quality time with just me and the Eggman (which doesn’t often happen). He’s such a charming little guy that son of mine. He could melt your heart with one flash of those big blue eyes. I could just eat him right up. But I won’t, because whilst he’s very cute, his feet whiff!).

On Saturday we endured enjoyed a family meal out for Mum’s birthday. Despite waiting 30 minutes for our main courses to be served we still had a good time. We even managed to fit in a little Journal Wrecking action at the table. My big sister is playing along with this. Badly I might add. She brought her journal up with her for the weekend and I have to say it was disturbingly pristine considering she’s had it for weeks. I did the only thing I could do. I asked if I could take a look then lobbed it the full length of my parents hall way. Then I bashed it on the wall a couple of times for good measure. It looks better already.

My aBIL (that would be almost brother in law) took to making some paper aeroplanes so remembering that my journal was in my bag we decided we would tackle the “make a paper aeroplane page”. I did take some pictures, but haven’t uploaded them yet so I’ll post them later.

Talking of photos not yet uploaded. I took some “before” photos of my craft room this morning as my Mum has kindly let me have my Christmas present from her early, which is two shiny new IKEA tables for in my craft room. Unfortunately that means that I can no longer put off tackling the mounds of crap that have accumulated in there (resulting in me not actually being able to do any crafting – because I can’t actually get to anything). There is an upside though. Whenever I do a clear out (which I do every so often) I always find things in my stash that I’d forgotten I had. Which is cool. It’s like shopping without the expense or indeed having to leave the house. So, I shall be brave and post my VERY messy "before" pictures when I’ve finally got it in some sort of order enough to take some hopefully very tidy “after” pictures. I think I need to start with a WIP box, but as Miss Lou kindly pointed out – there’s a chance the conservatory isn’t big enough to house a box large enough for my WIPs. Anyone would think I has startitis issues or something. What was that? The year of finishing things? I have no idea what you’re talking about.



Lou said...

LMAO at you lobbing journals around your mum's hall!

Maybe 2009 could be the year of finishing last year's things?! :P

Unknown said...

If I had a craft room, as opposed to a small corner in the kitchen and what should be the pantry I would have it soooo messy, just because I could.