Wednesday, 5 November 2008

In My Defense

Okay, in my defense on the audio-blogging/phone voice thing. I was actually ON the phone when I recorded it. I used the snazzy system over at Gabcast where you call into their recording system to make your audio files. So, definitely excused for the phone voice, because I was really on the phone ;)

On a completely unrelated note (about as far removed as you get can from my innane waffling) a big CONGRATULATIONS to President Barack Obama.

Here's hoping he can do the job of change people are counting on him for and doesn't turn out to be just another politician like any other. An historic day indeed.



April said...

A very historic day - and the right choice for America and the rest of us!

April xx

Mrs Moog said...

Such a relief that Bush will be going at last - he scares the heck out of me!

Looking forward to this new broom.

April said...


I've left you a couple of awards on my blog, please come and see

April xx