Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I think it’s entirely possible that I’ve become completely sidetracked (surely not, you say?).

What am I sidetracked by?

Mostly this:

Messy Craft room (before refit!) 4

And this:

Messy Craft room (before refit!) 1

And this:

Messy Craft room (before refit!) 3

And oh yes….this:

Messy Craft room (before refit!) 2

This would be the state of my craft room (well, actually this was the state of my craft room on Monday morning, now it’s a whole lot emptier after shifting out two bin bags full of rubbish and stacking most of my stash on the dining room table). I put my hands up. I know it’s a crap hole. I’m mortified to my very core about the state of this room and apologise to all you crafters who don’t have the luxury of a craft space for my blatant abuse of this one. I promise not to do this anymore.

What started out as me having new tables in my craft room has somehow morphed into a bit of a craft room refit (not that I’m complaining!). Having decided that in order to get the new tables in there I need to have a “bit of a clearout" it became clear that if I was just to put up the new tables and shove everything back into the room with the promise that I would one day decorate in there it would never happen and I would be permanently doomed to a life crafting amidst dark brick work and even darker window frames (not to mention hideously skanky vertical blinds!).

There’s been much discussion going on between my hubby and I over the best course of action on how to tackle the brick work. We debated between painting it or plaster boarding it, and then painting it…...or maybe we really should plasterboard it. Finally the nightmare of the logistics of getting the plasterboard in 8x6 ft sheets from B&Q was deemed worse than the hatred Kendo has of drilling into masonry and we decided that painting it will have to do. So that’s the plan for this weekend. White brickwork walls (in a bit of a New York loft stylie), aqua coloured wood work* and I’m leaning towards the purchase of a pink swivel chair.

It does seem that there’s something of a gender difference when it comes to work room design I’ve noticed this week. Kendo’s been talking of wall to wall shelving and it being *shudder* PRACTICAL. I’m thinking one or two nice shelves which match the desk and I could maybe add a dowel and some cup hooks so I can have my ribbon stash hanging up there. I want pretty and light and airy and full of creative inspiration. I want this, or this or this (okay, never gonna happen in my tiny conservatory, but you know what I mean). Clearly Kendo wants “Man Space”. He envisages this, or this, or this.

To that I say…… THAT’S WHAT THE SHED IS FOR!!!

So, the plan for the weekend is to crack on with some painting and hope that what I envision in my head as my little white and aqua crafty haven will eventually materialise out of the madness – hopefully some time this side of Christmas!!

I promised photos of the craft room monstrosity, so there you go. With some light at the end of the tunnel at least.

I also promised photos of the Wreck This Journal Paper Plane activity from Mum’s birthday meal.

This is the page from the journal:

WTJ Paper plane page

And Jaqs and Stu trying to decipher how to make a paper aeroplane following the lines on the page:

How many people does it take to make a paper plane??

Eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands. In true WTJ style I rebelled against the lines and just folded that plane any damn way I chose:

Me making the WTJ Paper Aeroplane

(Clearly the Eggman wanted in on the WTJ action).

Here’s the finished article:

Ta Da!

And the one photo out of about 15 where I actually managed to capture the thing mid-flight……almost!

Plane in flight (almost)

My parents were somewhat bemused by the WTJ antics, but hey-ho. We had fun.


*I know aqua might be a strange choice of colour but we already have a full, unopened can of aqua paint from when we painted the bathroom and hell, waste not want not I say. I did wonder if it was a bit odd to paint your craft room the same colour as your bathroom but then I figured they’re the two rooms in the house that I make crap in, so it seems right that there be some continuity of colour scheme ;)

**Apologies to Miss Lou as she’s probably reading this, but has already heard all this via email this week. Some of it is even worded the same I suspect. What can I say? I can never be bothered to rethink how to write things. Soz Lou.


Lou said...

You are forgiven Ek as you also posted pictures of craftroom lusciousness! Oh and, I finally found someone with a craft space messier than mine! x

April said...

oh to have a craft room ....

Looking forward to seeing it all finished and I insist that you buy the pink swivel chair so I can come and spin round in it!!

April xx

kim said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out. I dream of someday having a decorated craft room that is all mine. but first we have to get some cabinet doors in our kitchen!

Deanna said...

I think aqua it great! I picked it for my room and it wasn't because I already had it! lol Once you decorate it, you should find it easier to keep clean...least that's been the case for me. However mine's a bit of a mess now due to major craft stuffs going on in it lately. Have fun decorating!

Marmadaisy said...

Aqua with a pink chair sounds fabtastic. If you need help "sorting" I am yet to find a job and the one thing I rescued from my craft room was the Dymo label maker ...

Lou said...

Marie - how about a craft room warming? We could all come along and drool at shiny new crafty spaceness!

Unknown said...

Wow. What a room! I wish you tons of luck as you attempt to organize it!

But, even coming from a fairly organized person: being creative and being neat cannot usually happen at the same time!

So, I wish you the best in getting it all sorted (so that you can be your best crafty self).

Sylvia C.