Thursday, 18 December 2008

Don’t Panic Mr Wonka!

I think its safe to say Mr Willy Wonka’s job is safe with me around!!

I was struggling to think of something to give to Gracie’s teachers for Christmas (4 of them, as one has been off sick so there’s been a substitute, but now the sick one is back and the sub is still there, plus the nursery nurse and a permanent TA).

I decided (in my infinite wisdom), that I would make some chocolate truffle and put them in some nice origami gift boxes. Sounds simple. In reality – the truffles were an unmitigated disaster! I don’t know if the chocolate I used to was too high in cocoa solids (it was like 85% or something) but they were really, really bitter. Not just chocolate bitter but with a horrid after taste. Scratch effort number one.

Now. This was last night. Today is the last day of school. Cue panic about what to give them. So I decided (in my infinite wisdom*), to whip up some fudge. Can’t go wrong with a nice bit of fudge. It was all going swimmingly, I stirred like a maniac for 20 minutes. It look lovely and smelled divine. Then I followed the final step in the instructions (leave to cool for 5 minutes and then beat with a spoon). That was the big mistake. What had been glorious smooth fudge morphed into brown clumpy breadcrumbs! What happened??? Eek! I tried reheating it a little to resurrect it, but it was too far gone at this point and quite frankly had started to resemble the plastic dog poop you get in joke shops. It was not pretty. Scratch effort number 2 *sigh*

Clearly my strength does not lie in the world of confectionary.

Cue even more panic. It’s about 9.30pm by this point and the teachers still have no presents!

I did the only thing any sensible crafty type person could. I took the safer option (safer than doing battle with boiling sugar anyway). I cracked out the sewing machine and made these:

Mini Box pouches
[please excuse all my crafty crap in the background. This has been living on the dining table for weeks while I work on my Christmas projects].

Which were then stuffed with the Christmas Quality Street and popped in to these:

Origami Gift Boxes

The mini pouches tutorial came from here, via here. The origami box tutorial is from here.

I hope they like them. They’d better, or I’ll be sending the heavies round!

The good news is I managed to tick 4 things off my To Do List last night (because the boxes and teacher’s presents were on the list and I did two doll bits). So only another 16 to go! Hurrah.

Also. I think I’ve been totally busted by the sneaky Mrs Monkee Maker! Oops. I confess okay. I did say I was only going to make these once I’d finished all my Christmas presents, but I have actually started them (in fact, I’ve finished one and started the other). In my defense, knitting is the one crafty thing I can do whilst I’m sat on the sofa while the kids are playing/watching the TV. Everything else either involves the sewing machine (which Ewan is way too interested in) or being in my craft room (which is at the back of the house and too far away to watch the kids from). So, that’s why the wrist warmers are on the needles. See, perfectly reasonable explanation for my startitis.

Hopefully tonight will be a little less panic-striken and a little more relaxing-Christmas-crafty!


*I'm beginning to suspect my infinite wisdom isn't as infinite as it would first seem.


Lou said...

What do you mean you just whipped up those bags at 9.30 last night? Good god woman, stop putting us all to shame!! :P

Lou said...

What do you mean you just whipped up those bags at 9.30 last night? Good god woman, stop putting us all to shame!! :P

Rach said...

OMG you made those!!!!! Blimey I could go off these talented crafty types :P pppptttthhhhhh!

I'm going to attempt to make truffles - ha ha ha, should be interesting! Need to make some little boxes for those - so will be checking out the link. LMAO - think I'd have sent out the dog poo fudge! ha ha ha!

Deanna said...

Wow those bags are great! I did that one year...tried to make fudge and it failed to learn that at 9ish the night before I needed them. Did I sew anything instead?? Nope went to the grocery and bought fudge! ;)

This year we did gourmet apples and they were fool proof and very easy and quick to make!

Marmadaisy said...

Those are fab! I need to make some, when I get my stuff sorted. And excellent use of fat quarters there!

Marmadaisy said...

Those are fab! I need to make some, when I get my stuff sorted. And excellent use of fat quarters there!

April said...

I love those pouches! I just want to check - you do know you're Mad don't you?? LOL!! Christmas Madness ;-)

April xx

Unknown said...

Wow, I like your third effort best, anyway!

(Chocolate will just make them fat, and then they will be angry with you!)

Oh, and NO, now is not a good time to tell me that I will never again have my brain!


Sylvia C.

Anonymous said...

Woah maybe I should stop wasting time on the internet and start sewing all the tutorials myself thatI post. Well since you are obviously as crazy (in a good way) as Joanna, I think you qualify too, to choose a topic for my "Make Something" category. Joanna already chose storage box tutorials for next week. So it's your say for the week after that. Pick one: Wall and Car Organizers, Pillows or Bags ?

Michaela said...

I'm a TA. I've had lots of presents from my little ones and they are all still wrapped and under the tree. I've squished a lot of them and not one of them seems to be a bag stuffed with quality street. Shame that, as they look so beautiful, but by the feel of my own presents, I'll still be eating Chocolate oranges at Easter! (No bad thing as I love them!)