Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Once Upon The Nick Of Time.

Once upon a time there were three dollies. It took their maker a long time to get them finished, and it was a tight squeeze to make it into the stockings of three little boys and girls, but at last they were complete and the lady who made them could finally relax and bid them a fond fairwell.

There names were:

Little Red Riding Hood


and Hansel and Gretel


They also had a cute little friend called Daisy who was none the worse for not having a fairy tale theme (we hope!).



So, clearly I'm finished. Although I have to confess to not actually finishing ALL the things on my To Do List after decreeing that somethings really could wait until after Christmas. Everything that was needed for a Christmas gift is complete though, and just in the nick of time (I finished the faces on these last night, I'm pretty sure the recipients aren't likely to be lurking on here so I thought I would share). There are a couple of other handmade things but there's a chance the recipients of those could be watching so you'll have to wait until after the big day for those pics.

It's been a slow old day around here. Kendo has been deposited at the pub for his annual Christmas Eve meet up with his buddies and Grace, Egg and me are pretty much just mooching around the house (and dosing Egg with calpol because he's a bit under the weather. Hope he's better for tomorrow!). Grace is mithering to log onto the NORAD tracks Santa site to check on where the Big Guy is up to so we'll be doing that shortly. I just wanted to share my crafty goodies with you and take the time to wish all my bloggy readers


Lets hope 2009 isn't as gloomy as politicians are predicting! I hope you all have a wonderful festive season and that Santa brings you lots of loveliness.



Lou said...

I love them all; can't decide which is my favourite - they're all fab!

Merry Christmas to the family K! Hope you all have a wonderful time and Sanat is really good to you! ;)

April said...

I love those dolls - they are a work of genius you clever cookie!!

Merry Christmas to you all

(last time I checked santa was in Turkemanisten!)

April xx

Deanna said...

Wow those dolls are awesome! I'm still sewing some of my gifts...nothing like last minute huh?

Merry Christmas!

Rach said...

Awwww cute little dollies! They're fab and I'm sure they'll be loved!

Merry Christmas to you all, hope you have a wonderful day xxx

Relentless Toil said...

Awesome dolls! You're so clever with their hair.

dottycookie said...

Fab dollies! I made a pair for my two little girls for Christmas - I didn't get all the clothes finished that I wanted but they have enough to be going on with. Tomorrow I apparently have to make them vests and pants and trousers and nighties .... riiiight!

Tara said...

Ek, you amaze me with your craftiness!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Lynn said...

They are beautiful! I adore dolls of all kinds, but most especially, the handmade ones! Happy Holidays!

Juicy3675 said...

Hello, I'm an old friend of Lou's, I saw her blog about the dolls she was making and thought I'd sneak across to have a look at yours as she'd mentioned them in her post (hope you don't mind!) anyway I just thought I'd say how lovely I think they are, I wish I was creative enough to give them a try!! They're really very beautiful. Happy holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Love the little red riding hood! I hope you had great holidays and if you need something new to sew: the organizer tutorials are up :)

Mrs Moog said...

Oh what beautiful dollies!! They are going to be loved so much :-)

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and here's to a very happy and healthy New Year!