Monday, 8 December 2008


There's been some crafty progress around here this last week (only right and fitting in light of the new space to craft in really).

I've so far managed two incarnations of my album for the December Daily Project. I completed the outside of the first one in a smallish size (around 7x7) in the nick of time (for that read I was still making it on the night of Sunday 30th November!) but I really didn't like how it turned out and couldn't get motivated to start filling it. In the end I gave up on it and started over with a new size (this one is around 6x9) and a new, more contemporary colour scheme and I'm lovin' it! (Although that hasn't stopped me already being behind even though it's only the 8th December *eyeroll*).

I managed to remember to snap pics of my first couple of entries yesterday while there was still something resembling sunlight around the place.

Here's the front cover:
December Daily Album Front Cover

and 1st December:

December Daily Album - 1st Dec

December Daily Album - 1st Dec (2)

and 2nd December:

December Daily Album - 2nd Dec

(Don't let the fact that you can see a 3 on this confuse you! Damn those acrylic pages!)

and 3rd:

December Daily Album - 3rd Dec

December Daily Album - 3rd Dec (2)

This is based on Ali Edward's December Daily project and calls for a kind of mixed media approach to putting your album together. Which is great fun. Instead of just standard size pages to work with all the way through I've got 6x9 cardstock pages, smaller patterned paper pages, scalloped acrylic pages, envelopes, blank greeting cards, library pockets, bits of transparency. It's really exciting to try and work your page around these different elements and to get your head round how it all fits together. Should you be even remotely interested, you can see all the blanks ready to be filled if you click on one of the photos above and go to my flickr page.

The album's not bound as yet. It will eventually be bound with probably 3 or 4 book rings, but I happen to know that Santa's bringing me a Croc-o-dile this year (on account of the fact that I went to buy it) so I'm leaving the binding until after Christmas day when I can happily hole punch away with my new toy :)

See. Progress!

Not only scrapping progress either. I've managed to finish the 4 knitted projects that I had to make for Christmas presents (which I can't show you just yet, because nosey people enquiring minds might be peeking. I also made a good start on the 4 Wee Wonderfuls dolls that I'm making for presents. So far I've cut, sewn and stuffed all the body part (it was like the lair of some toy town serial killer in our house on Saturday night!), one of them has it's limbs attached, the other three are armless and legless temporarily but I'll be rectifying that this week. Then I have to do battle with hair and outfits, but there's hope for finishing them yet.


ETA: I forgot to mention. The festive cookie refit was inspired by this. Thanks Kirsty! I usually do full blog headers when I redesign them but I loved this "floating" header look (and will definitely be trying it again in the future).


Lou said...

I just love that journal and the contemporary colour scheme! If it's half as good as last year's it'll be fab!

Can't wait to see the dolls and the top secret Xmas projects! Glad the new craftroom filling you with inspiration! ;)

April said...

Love the new header - very festive. Loving your December journalling too.

BTW, my Advent stable was bought from Lakeland (of all places!)

April xx

Sheikasaurus Rex said...

Sometimes you just need a fresh new start to get yourself going on a project! Great way to preserve your Christmas memories with the little ones. :)


Mrs Moog said...

What a great project! That will be so lovely to look back on in future years :-)


Unknown said...

These pages are great!
Congrats on all your progress!
Just think how productive 2009 will be!

Sylvia C.