Tuesday, 23 December 2008

So Close You Can Almost Taste It.

No...not to the Big Day, although that is pretty close, what with only being two sleeps away and all.

I'm so close to finishing my Christmas crafty presents its untrue. So close and yet not close enough in my mind. I did try to get them finished last night, but as it was almost midnight and I'm in work all day today common sense prevailed and they went back into the bag incomplete. Just 3 embroidered faces and one tiny part of felt shoes to make. Tonight they will be DONE and I can start worrying about the last bits of present wrapping I need to do before tomorrow night *sigh*

As for the December journal. Well, I managed to make it up to December 5th. Not a cracking effort, and with all the best will in the world I'm not going to get any more done before now and Christmas Day, but you know what? It's okay. It's Christmas, time for forgiveness and peace to all (wo)men. So I forgive me for being crap at daily scrapping and will instead concentrate on enjoying the season.

I wish we had snow though. Snow like this. How cool is that? Okay, probably not cool when you need to shovel your car out to go anywhere, but it's pretty exciting when admired from afar ;)

Back tomorrow with photos of finished things. I promise!



kim said...

Marie, When I saw that pic, my first thought was, "Wow! I had no idea that she was training for a race of any sort!" LOL!!! Guess I'm not all the way awake yet :)

Good luck on finishing the gifts--can't wait to see them :)

Anonymous said...

well done you, i have one left that hasnt been started yet but a poorly little girl clung to my leg is making sewing a tad difficult. Cannot wait to see your photos

April said...

I am very impressed at all your speedy crafting. Can't wait to see the pictures

April xx