Monday, 15 December 2008

‘Twas The Week Before Christmas.

Oh how I hate this week before Christmas! Not that I’m not all Bah Humbuggy or anything. I am actually feeling pretty festive (more so than usual in fact) but I think this last week before just drags on forever.

Let’s look at the facts. There are still 9 days left to go. You still have to come to work (which lets face it just sucks, even if you happen to like your job like I do); you’re skint because payday hasn’t rolled round yet; there are still handmade Christmas gifts to make, and cards to write and a last couple of presents to buy (which you can’t do because you’re skint). There’s Christmas food shopping do to *shudder*, and Christmas party fancy dress costumes to organise. The kids have no concept of how long 9 days is in reality so keep asking “Is Father Christmas coming tonight?” which, after the 1000th time is wearing a bit thin. Every where you go its packed with people, it’s impossible to find a parking space anywhere within a mile of anything resembling a shopping establishment. See. Crubbish week.

There’s been much Christmas gift making action around Chez Cookie this last week (although clearly not enough or I’d be finished by now!). I’ll be posting some pics of some of those later in the week (when they’ll hopefully be finished).

Miss Grace had a very busy week at school last week. Wednesday and Thursday were the performances of their Nativity play “The Hoity-Toity Angel” which was totally fantastic. Both Nanny’s went to the Wednesday afternoon performance while Kendo and I got our turn on Thursday evening (being in school at night time is cool, apparently). I took some photos and a couple of short videos, unfortunately I can’t share them because one of the stipulations about people being able to take them was that they didn’t put them on the internet. I think I might have one or two which only have Grace on so I might post those later when I get home.

Grace also received the school award certificate from the Headmaster on Friday for being “A Megastar with her sounds” (at least that’s what it says on the certificate). She was able to identify all the phonics sounds they’ve been working on, including the blends and was the only one in her class who could. Go Grace! Even the Headmaster testing her with some sneaky tricky blends couldn’t catch her out! I’m so proud of her!

As for the other on going project. The December Daily recording has been sadly lacking I’m afraid. I know. Not in the least bit surprising. Why, oh why do I always think that I will find time to keep up with daily scrapbooking? I really never learn. I guess I’m just an eternal scrapping optimist! I can but hope that I’ll manage to catch up. Not that anything particularly scrap worth has happened in our December anyway.

In other exciting crafty project news, I discovered this this morning. A wrist warmer pattern on straight needles! Hurrah! I’ve been looking for one of those for a while so I am adding this to my project list (should be ready some time around August at this rate). I’m a little scared by the cable, it has to be said. I’ve never done that before. It kind of reminds me of being round at my Grandmonster’s house when she used to whip up cable aran cardigans in a matter of minutes (well, not minutes, but I swear you could see smoke coming off the needles ;)). I have no idea if I'll manage to make them, but thinking about them is making me smile. So that's will do for now.



Anonymous said...

cor well your week before chrimbo sounds a tad more exciting than ours, which has been littered with ear infections, days off school and much whinging. Hopefully though he will be well enough for his christmas carol service around the tree which i am going to watch on wednesday

April said...

Wow, Well done Grace!! Good for her. I love school shows and nativity plays - they are so sweet.

April xx