Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Back To The Grindstone

Well, the festive season is definitely dead and gone. It hasn’t taken long to get back into the usual round of work and home and work and home. After the crazy dash of trying to finish all my crafty Christmas projects I’m in a bit of a crafty lull. With the New Year having rolled round I’ve decided that anything not finished from last year is not likely to get finished. So I’m drawing a line under all WIPs that haven't actually had any "P" in them and beginning 2009 with a fresh crafty start.

First I have to show you these though. Do you remember I mentioned that I’d been looking for wrist warmers knit on straight needles? These were perfect and really easy to knit up (even to a cabling virgin like me).


I’m really pleased with how they turned out, they’re super snugly and warm. Love ‘em!

And just to prove that I did actually knit both:


And to illustrate how shockingly bad the light is in our house. First one with no flash and the second with the flash. The actual colour is somewhere between the two of these!

Kendo actually showed interest in a crafty project after I’d made these (other than the usual “That’s nice dear”) and insisted that he needed some for work, only black and without all that stuff on them (which I took to mean the cables and bobbles). So next on the needles will be some plainer black ones. I'm stranded at work today for my lunch hour (Kendo's bike is still off the road until the insurance cheque arrives and it's repaired so I am once again car less *sigh*) so I have my needles and yarn in my bag ready to go.

I managed to get to a little (enforced) paper crafting last night and made cards for Miss Grace (who is 5 tomorrow! Eek), and for our friend’s daughter who turns 5 on Friday. I really don’t care much for card making, so I always find it a chore – which is probably why I usually end up buying them instead. I also didn’t take pictures, which was a bit remiss of me, but they honestly weren’t that exciting so you’re not missing much.

Now, on to the fun stuff. There are so many fabulous crafty things I’ve seen around that I want to make this year. He’s just a few of them:

The really cool snail racing game by Jodie @ Ric Rac

This adorable and slightly quirky softie doll by Nicole @ 60Piggies

This car organiser from Mayflower (via here)

This chocolate drop handbag from U-handblog (along with a million other from there)

This amazing non-chocolate filled Advent calender from Relentless toil (I know, I know, too early for this but if I stand a chance of getting one done for next December I need to think about it now.

This cute little needle book from Jellybelly*Jellybean

See. Tonnes of stuff to keep me going, and this is only what I could find off the top of my head. I'm sure there's been hundreds of other things that I've seen and thought "I really want to make that", and I'm sure there'll be loads of other exciting things I come across on all the lovely crafty blogs I visit.

I still have 3 PIFs to make - I haven't forgotten about those by the way, in case the intended PIFees were wondering ;) and I'm going to try to make more handmade gifts for birthdays this year. Just thinking about all this potential crafty loveliness makes me excited - definitely the best way to ward off the back to work blues!



Kirsty Wiseman said...

you just made me spit my tea all over my monitor with reference to pointy choclate. How bloody funny was that? Im still laughing now, god knows I need laugh out loud moments like this!
Loving those arm warmers - tres stylish and swish

Anonymous said...

Love the arm warmers, they look so cozy. I think I should start to knit too with all of the friggin snow out there.

Locket Pocket said...

Great wrist-warmers! And those racing snails are really fab and easy to make!

Lucy x

Michaela said...

Loving the wrist warmers (I hate knitting in the round and prefer straight needles too).

Those snails are fabulous and the advent calendar too. Must add them to my list, which is already way too long!

April said...

loving the wristwarmers. Wow Grace is going to be 5 - Caitie is 9 in 2 weeks I am so old!!!!!!!!!!!!

April xx

Monkee Maker said...

Oooh, those wrist warmers turned out brilliantly, I'm not surprised Kendo wants a pair. Albeit a MANLY pair!

Happy New(ish) Year to you and yours, and Happy Crafting in 2009.


ps. I am NOT sneaky. Merely observant. .... ok, maybe I am a tad sneaky. Sneakily observant.

pps. I love the gifts you made for the teachers - a stroke of pure genius!

Rachel said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog. Love your wrist warmers, they look super cozy! I could've done with a pair like that this morning, it was freeeeezing!

Jackie said...

Hi Marie,
I loved your wrist warmers and have recently made a pair as a gift for a friend, photo posted on ym blog this morning :)
Bye Jackie