Monday, 12 January 2009

Birthday Party Madness

One church hall + One Children’s entertainer + One big pile of party food + 27 children = total chaos and extraordinarily good fun.

Saturday was Gracie’s birthday party. What were we thinking??? It was absolute unorganised madness from my end (I was still putting sandwiches on plates at 12.45 when the kids were still at home not even dressed!). It all worked out fine in the end though. We’d hired an entertainer for the party who was completely worth every penny. Clearly it takes a certain sort of insane to entertain small people for a living and he had it by the bucket load. The kids were totally engrossed the whole time, even the parents got a few gags thrown in for them. T’was all good. The best thing was getting to see my good bloggy buddy Louise (who we’ve decided has officially moved on from the category of “weird bird you met on the internet” to actual RL friend ;)).

My ILs ordered a birthday cake from Costco for Grace (if you’ve never eaten on of these you really should, because they are divine!). We’re not entirely sure what was going on with the “princess” themed icing though. I suspect maybe Les Dawson was the model for this particular princess. She was certainly well covered in the bustage department (all the more icing to eat though, so that’s a bonus).


Even more amazing than managing to survive a room full of small people for 2 hours we actually managed to get a decent photograph of the four of us together (something which NEVER happens). We all look vaguely human in this shot. I’m still astounded. Definitely one for scrapping, and printing out for relatives!


In other, non-5 year old related news (well non-birthday related anyway), I’ve made a start on the 2009 crafty projects with these little softies:


These are made from the tutorial by Nicole Owens I mentioned a few posts back which you can find here at 60piggies. They are super easy to make and look really cute. Ewan is total taken with the pink one for some reason and as the blue one has gone off to a new owner I fear I will have to make another (more boyish one) before a riot ensues in our house over who gets to have the pink one). They are very squishy, so I can kind of see why they’d want to fight over them.

The next project will be a paper crafty one and it will be based on this challenge that Miss Lou has set over on the Garlics and Ginger Turtles blog. I totally love the idea of this project for Christmas photos (and might be tempted to do one for Gracie’s birthday too).

Right, that’s it for now. Work is a calling.



Daisie said...

I love costco birthday cakes, you can feel them sticking to your ribs as you eat them!! We got one for Elizabeth's sixth birthday it had a rainbow! I usually make the cakes but I draw the line at two so I make one for home for the big day and usually buy one in for the party.

The picture of you all together is brilliant, I know what you mean about never having one with everybody on it, the same in our house!

The softies are fab, may be amkiing one of those for somebody I know with a birthday coming up...


Lou said...

Awww! I was the best thing? I seem to have something in my eye! :P

The party was brilliant; a fab effort by you, the 2 nannies and the 2 aunties! Oh, and of course, Tricky!

That Costco cake is going to be solely responsible for Greenpeace trying to launch my back to sea in June you know!

Dolls still freaking me out a bit, though they are very good!

And don't do my challenge too well and make me look rubbish you crafty goddess you! :P

Jana Nielson said...

Hello Protector of the cookies!! I am glad to know that someone is trying to keep them safe. Unfortunately they have no chance in my house!

Just looking at the costco cake got me drooling. I am on a Diet (as usual) so I would really love the busty piece right now.

Can't wait to "get to know you" better. I'll be watching!

Unknown said...

that family pic is fantastic!! one to frame & hang, for sure!

dollies are adorable too! :)

Mrs Moog said...

Happy belated birthday to the lovely Miss Gracie!!! Glad the party went so well - loving that cake!

That is a lovely photo of the four of you :-)

Now I have to follow that cute dolly link....just in case I decide I have space on my 'want to make' list!!