Thursday, 15 January 2009

Fending Off The January Blues.

I'm generally a fan of winter. I love dark nights and being all snuggly and warm at home while it's blowing a gale outside. By the middle of January however, like the rest of the UK I think, I'm starting to flag a bit. There's only so many days without a hint of sunshine you can take before it starts to make you feel a little bit blue (or maybe grey would be a more accruate description). Definitely a touch of SAD I think.

There are a couple of things that manage to pick up my mood a little though.

Like hearing this song on the radio:

Gotta love The Jam.

Being able to get this from the shop round the corner from work:

(photo borrowed from here)

Perfect with a raspberry, lemon and white chocolate chip muffin.

Managing to complete my first 12x12 scrapbook layout in I don't know how long:


Not the best photograph of this page - which comes back to the whole problem of not enough light around at the moment. I love this photo of Grace. I don't recall why I had it printed at 9x6 - I'd probably meant to scrap it at some point, and now I have. Lovely spring colours to perk me up a bit.

There is hope I think.

Hope that perhaps Spring is on its way?

Sooner rather than later I hope!



Lou said...

I love the LO, especially the flowers; and that pic of Gracie certainly helped my January blues a bit!

Here's to a long hot summer for us Brits; we could certainly use it!

Tara said...

Ek! I didn't know you got Tim's in your neck of the woods!??


Mrs Moog said...

That is a gorgeous layout - I just loved that stage when the littlies first started cruising round the furniture. Now of course they jump on it - noisily!

Glad you liked my daffodil :-) It's got 10 little friends now!


Suzanne Vaughan said...

Beautiful page! It is amazing when they manage to stand isn't it!