Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!

I can hardly believe it.

This girl.


This increasingly bonkers, perpetually loud, occasionally over-emotional, wickedly funny, outrageously wise-beyond-her-years, delightfully snuggly girl IS 5 YEARS OLD TODAY!

I think I might need a minute to regroup. How exactly has 5 years passed without me noticing? Seriously? Gone. In the blink of an eye. Scary.

There she is this morning looking a little bed-heady while she opened her presents before Daddy left for work. She loves the Doctor Who Annual and is firmly of the opinion that David Tennant (her Doctor, apparently) rocks. I’m not one to argue with that.

Unfortunately for Miss Grace today is also the first day back at school. Yes, today. Not Monday. Despite me getting her up and dressed and as far as the school gates on Monday Morning. D’oh! *Note to self – Pay more attention to school newsletter*

Here she is all togged up in her uniform and ready (if not willing) to go.


How can it be that only 3 months ago she looked so small going to school?


How much have her legs grown in 3 months?? Oh my! And look. There, in the photo. SUNSHINE! Do you remember that stuff?

We’re not doing much celebration wise today as we’ve got a big party (complete with clown/entertainer and many school friends) on Saturday. Just Gracie’s favourite for tea and maybe a little sneaky cheesecake action for dessert.




April said...

Happy Birthday Gracie - you're right time just vanishes when you look at your kids growing up!

She looks so much like you!

April xx

Lou said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous Gracie! Hope you have a wonderful day and schoool wasn't too bad! x

Daisie said...

Happy Birthday to Grace and a big hug for Mum! It does go by way too fast! My Francesca will be five in a few weeks and it doesn't seem nearly that long since she was a bump and then a tiny bundle :-(
And when I really want to scare myself I remember that Elizabeth will be eight in the summer, argh!!!
Hope you all have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grace! If your mommy finds out how to turn off dreams let me know :)

Locket Pocket said...

Happy Birthday Grace! Hope you've had a lovely day!

Lucy xxx

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!!

dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday Gracie - 5 is lots of fun!