Sunday, 4 January 2009

Taking The Deccies Down.

Wow. Was it really Christmas Eve last time I posted? That was less than two weeks ago and yet it feels like a lifetime already! The Christmas deccies will be coming down in the house tomorrow, but I thought I'd take the Cookie ones down today while I was posting and refit with a nice new springy look (in anticpation of some nicer weather at some point!!).

We had a pretty hectic Christmas in the Cookie household (as you can imagine with a 4 year old and a 2 year old in residence). They kids were monstrously overexcited (although they did actually sleep until 7.45 on Christmas morning which I thought was quite exceptional) and they got WAY too much stuff and have happily been playing with it…..all…mostly at the same time….much to the detriment of my living room (not that it’s ever anything but a bombsite anyway). We had the usual Christmas visiting and lots of time with family and friends which is what it’s all about after all.

New Year’s Eve (as last year) was a sedate affair for the most part. Friends of ours had a little afternoon get together for all our friends (as some of us have young kids now it’s easier to get together in the afternoon than to deal with cranky munchkins later on). We managed to spend some time with friends who were visiting from the States (after moving their a couple of years back) and other friends who live closer but we still haven’t managed to see much of this year. We were back home and settled in on the sofa with the kids in bed by 8pm and spent the evening with me reading (I went to see Twilight at the cinema in the week (all by myself, I’d forgotten how much I love going to the cinema on my own)) and decided to re-read the novels, and Kendo playing World of Warcraft on the PC. Rock and Roll as always, but just as we like it. I always think New Year is highly overrated as a celebration and I’m happy to let it pass quietly.

I’ve just had a quick look back at the Cookie post from this time last year and read through my “non-resolutions” that I made at the start of 2008. In a nutshell:

1) Keep it Simple.
2) Learn to say “No”.
3) Finish things.

Hmmmm. I’m not entirely sure how successful they were. Ah well, never mind, they were non-resolutions after all.

So, on to 2009. Despite last year's not being a roaring success and ever striving to be an improvement on the chaos that is me I will lay out a couple of non-resolutions for this year I think.

1) Learning New Things – I tried to spend last year finishing things, so I thought this year I might endeavour to discover some new things to try. I don’t know if it will be just crafty things or in other areas of my life, but I love to learn so whatever form this takes it will be fun.

2) The List – There’s a saying in our house, when you say you want something, you will invariably get the response of “put it on The List”. So, I thought this year we would have an actual list, of things that we need and want to accomplish around the place and things we’d like to get for ourselves and for the kids. The hope is that we can actually start to budget better, and save a little money to make a start on the things that we need to do around here (I’m sure the list will be blogged once we’ve made a start on compiling it). I know that going into a recession is probably not the best time to start something like this, but as it stands we’re not doing too badly – we just budget badly, so I’m hoping I can start to get a grip on our finances better and plan a little for the future and for the present.

3) Getting back to the books – by books I mean the kids scrapbooks. I can’t remember the last time I scrapped a 12x12 layout for one of the kids albums. I seem to have gone off on a bit of an (unfinished) mini-albums tangent this year. I’m going to try to get back to doing some 12x12s for a while (and try to stay away from the online classes for a bit).

4) House and Home – the last one listed, but possibly the most important. I really need to concentrate on getting my house in order this year, and on better balancing my time at home to let me spend time with the kids, and doing the things I like as well as getting round to doing some actual housework *shudder*. I somehow seem to have skipped the household organisation gene. Much improvement is needed. We also need to get off our collective Cookie tushies as a family and be more active – which is also good for getting some family time in, so hopefully more walks and trying to find lots of exciting, fun (and FREE!) things to do around here.

That’s it then I think. 2008 done. 2009 just beginning. I wonder if it will pass by as quickly as last year did?

Happy New Year to you all.

Off to read the 202 blog posts that Google reader is telling me I have unread. Or more likely to grab a shower and sort things for tomorrow as I’ve just realised it’s 10pm! Eek.



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Mrs Jelly said...

Whatever you did has made it work so I'm now subscribed :o)

April said...

Glad to hear Christmas went well in the Cookie household

Happy new year

April xx