Monday, 19 January 2009

Weekend Walks

There was a rare occurance around here on Saturday. Egg accompanied Auntie Keggy to a party, leaving Grace to get a day spent on her own with Mummy and Daddy. I can't remember the last time the three of us spend time together just us, so it was really nice to get out and do something.

We offered Grace a couple of options on what we could do but she finally settled on going for a walk and then something to eat at Taybarns (which is her (and my) new fave place). We dropped Egg round at the ILs and as we were up there anyway we decided to take a walk up around Sutton Manor Woodland. This is another one of the areas near us that used to be a colliery - in fact, coal was mined from here up until the early Nineties. This spot has also been chosen as part of the Channel Four Big Art Project to be home for a large sculpture by the artist Jaume Plensa . The piece has been chosen by a group of ex-miners from the colliery and entitled The Dream. The scuplture is a 20m high white concrete cast girls head and will be seen from the nearby M62 motorway.

The cost of this project is an estimated £1.3m. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that amount of money being spent on something like this given the current economic climate, and the fact that many, many people in this town are facing redundancy and unemployment at the moment. Hmmmmmm.

That said, the woodland park is a nice place to visit - with or without the big ol' concrete head and we all had a nice leg-stretch and got some much needed fresh air. It was even almost light enough to get some decent photos. So here's a couple of them:

Heading up the hill to the site of the sculpture:

Sutton Country Park 17/01/09

This will be a very different view come spring:

Sutton Country Park 17/01/09

What goes up (hill) must come down (quickly!):

Sutton Country Park 17/01/09

Minding the mud:

Sutton Country Park 17/01/09

Although not well enough, clearly!:

Sutton Country Park 17/01/09

I'll help you up:

Sutton Country Park 17/01/09

If you'll help me down:

Sutton Country Park 17/01/09

Time will tell what the final verdict on the sculpture is. It's supposed to be up and open by spring and there will be a Channel 4 show to accompany it. We will wait and see.



Miss Behave said...

Totally unrelated, but I love Grace's braids, she is incredibly cute!

joannabags said...

it is nice sometimes to concentrate attention on one child. I get to pick oliver up from school once a week on my own as martha is at nursery and it is precious time. Love the muddy photos