Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Little Taste of Heaven?

No kids.

No hubby.

No noise.

No housework.

Tea and biscuits.

Two hours of scrapbooking time all to myself.

I think that might be a little bit of heaven right here on earth :)

I managed to get my two hours of scrapping time in this morning (as promised to myself when I booked the day off work). I even completed a layout. Go me!

It's photos of Egg with his Christmas present off Kendo (he buys the kids something just from him each year). A skateboard. Considering Egg could trip over a pin head, probably not the most statistically safe choice, but he loves it none the less. The photos weren't great (Christmas morning madness I think) so the title and journaling are more of a focal point. I love the black, white, red colour combo though. I've used this on a couple of layouts before and I always like how striking it looks. Doing boyish pages is really hard though! Pink and fluffy girlie pages are so much easier!!


The acrylic paint didn't turn out quite like I was hoping. It was suppose to add a little grunginess but I think it's a bit too neat. Ah well. Overall I'm quite pleased with it.

I managed to get a little further with my Christmas envelope album which is from the challenge that Louise set here.


I'm totally loving this Papermania pink and green Christmas paper. Really funky colours to work with and a little different from the usual Christmas paper fayre.

For the inserts I've done a bit of a mini book thing for the kids letters to Santa:



This just needs the journaling on. I've chosen the rest of my photos, I just need to decide what to do with them. I might do a couple with just index cards on the back for journaling and some on greetings card so I can have a double spread. I think it's a "pick up-put down" kind of project though, which is good for me. Means I won't get bored with it.

My copy of Scrapbook Inspirations arrived in the post today so I'm going to settle down with that later with a cuppa once the kids are in bed and see if I can keep the mojo mojoing for some more pages.

Still no decent snow around here. We had about a 1/2 inch overnight and it was gone by lunchtime. We're getting seriously jipped I tell you! :P



Lou said...

Well, I think you should take more days off work if that's what you produce! Love the black, white and red combo (esp love the SK8R boy title!); and I'm love love loving the pink and green and mini book for the envelope bag!

The only thing I'm not loving is the fact that I didn't get a little piece of heaven aswell! :P

April said...

they are really great - I love the Christmas envelope thingy!

You are getting seriously ripped off snow wise - we had 3 inches overnight!

April xx

Daisie said...

The scrappy do's are lovely and we too are wishing for more snow. Hopefully we'll all get to make snowmen at the weekend, fingers crossed :-)

Anonymous said...

All this in two hours? Ladys your're quick! I haven't scrapbooked (is that a word) for ages, maybe I should stay awayfrom my sewing machine and actually dust off my scrapbooking supplies. Love the skaterboy page!

kim said...

You are fast! Love the LO! I really need to get my scrapping things out for something besides cards--too long of a dry spell.