Monday, 16 February 2009

Tunnel Vision

Photo borrowed from here.

I’m struck this week by how easy it is to get so focused on just getting from day to day that you* forget about the bigger picture. When you* have small children they take up so much of your brain capacity that it’s difficult to stop and remember things are actually going on in the world outside your metaphoric four walls.

Getting through life on a practical level these days is so exhausting. Times are tough on everyone. You’re working hard (if you’re lucky enough to have a job still) to pay for the basic things we need for living – put a roof over your head, food on your table, clothes on your back. When you’re not working you’re home looking after the things you’re working to pay for – watching the kids, cooking meals, doing laundry. It’s easy to get lost in this treadmill and to forget that if you* don’t stop to pay attention to the world once in a while that you’re going to miss your life passing you* by.

Things are going on while you’re distracted by the mundane. Good friends are planning weddings and the start of new lives. Other friends are saying goodbye to old lives and moving on to new pastures. If you’re too focused on battling the day to day you* can miss the fact that you* need to be paying attention to these things. That maybe you* should be doing more to help. Then you* have to apologise, because before you* know it you’ve been unintentionally crubbish and haven’t done what you* should have done.

It works the other way too though. The things you’re hyper focusing on. It can be like holding a balloon. You’re concentrating so hard on keeping things together, on holding on, that if you* don’t let up the focus a little you* could squeeze that bit to hard and things will explode. Maybe you* need to learn to let go a little.

I think it's about the balance. It's nearly the end of February and I haven't picked my One little Word for 2009 yet. Last year's word was Simple, this year, I think my word will be BALANCE. I need to work on the balance in all aspects of my life. In balancing my focus, balancing my time, balancing my energy. Things are out of kilter and balance needs to be restored.

Sorry. I’m waffling now.

There are something’s you could/should do this week.

You could/should pop over to here, and here and here and help out with this great cause if you can.

You could/should go say “Hi” to this lady who is back in the land of blogging – hurrah!

You could/should wish this lady Good Luck with her interview.

You could/should send some ~~~~Get well vibes~~~~ over here for the arm versus pavement injury.

Stuff has been going on here. I have my shiny new car (no photos yet, I haven't gotten that far), I have the worse sciatica flare up I've ever had in. my. life. OUCH! I have a severe case of startitis and no signs of the finishing disease anywhere in my future.

It'll all be good come Friday though. We're going here for the day. There will be cupcakes and cups of tea and crafty talk and reminders that the internet world is a fabulous thing - because sometimes you find a kindred spirit out there.

Still waffling. Ah well. I'm all done now. As you were.


* obviously by “you” – I mean me, just in case that wasn’t quite clear ;)


April said...

thanks for the good vibes sweetie, I know what you mean about balance - and not just my inability to keep mine!

Sometimes you get bogged down with day to day crap you forget to lift up your head and see what's going on

April xx

April said...

I've left you an award on my blog

April xx

Lou said...

I think you* should just carry on being the Ek we all know and love; stop worrying about what you could/should do, you do plenty already and we adore you for it!


* by 'you' I mean, er, you! :P

PS - Having said that, good luck wishes are greatly appreciated! ;)

trash said...

aaaah yes! That elusive condition of emotional,physical and spiritual balance. I continue the hunt.

thanks for the linky love :-)

AuntieYan said...

Check me out... I can comment!
Bravo by the way, love looney SIL x