Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Whole Lotta Not Much

I know, I know. I should be nominated for the least bloggy blogger in the world award based on recent posting activity. In my defense, there's been some serious pain here! Pain for me that is. I've been suffering really badly with sciatica and have been off work all this week whilst feeling like I could happily chop myself off at the waist to get rid of the aching. So, not much has been going on around here except for me sitting (very gingerly) on the sofa, not chasing the kids around and counting the minutes until I can take my next round of painkillers. Thankfully today it's finally eased off some so I can start to get back to doing things (carefully!).

Things weren't too bad with my back up until Sunday, so on Saturday, rather than face another weekend of cabin fever with the kids, we loaded them into the car and went off to the Space Port at Liverpool to see this:

This is the Doctor Who: From Script to Screen exhibition which has been running there. Despite being only 5, Gracie is a bit Doctor Who fan and Kendo and myself both really like it too so we wanted to see this. Gracie wasn't too sure about the lifesize costumes - 'cause Cyberman are SCARY! but she really enjoyed getting to see the TARDIS and some of the other props and stuff from the show. Here's a couple of pics from our day:


Egg trying to get a closer look at the Beagle space probe exhibit. Eek!


Gracie and the TARDIS


Kendo, Egg and the TARDIS


Grace and K9 (she loved this!)


Egg and K9 (clearly not reading the "please do not touch the exhibits" sign!!)


Exterminate!! This is as close as Grace would get to the Dalek (can't say I blame her, without the magic sofa cushion to protect her).


Egg and the Cyberman (this is Egg's "scared" face, pulled especially for the photo).

There was also a great planetarium show all about space travel (Grace loved the seats that lie all the way back and the fact that the screen was on the ceiling).

On Sunday Gracie had 2 (count 'em) birthday parties to go to so MIL and SIL took her for the first one (while I was off being pampered and having a trial run of make-up for a friends wedding in April (Grace and I are bridesmaids). When she'd got back from the second party I was bending down to take her party shoes off and managed to do something to my back to aggrevate the sciatica. Cue the big pain and much ouching from me. So, that's put pay to anything else really going on around here.

I did get a rather nice surprise this week in the form of the parcel from my swap buddy for Katy's FQ swap. I was paired up with Jana over at Lola, again and she sent me this packet of gorgeousness:


A lovely card and this voile draw string back with a packet of cute vintage buttons and containing this:


FOUR fat quaters for this gorgeous, yummy, yummy fabric. It's from the Arcadia by Sanae range for Moda and it is just lovely. The note from Jana said it is one of her favourites and I can see why. I totally love it. Jana - you've spoiled me! Thank you. Now I have to think of something to make with it - but it needs to be something for ME so I get to keep the yummy goodness for myself. I'm thinking maybe a new bag for Spring. I might even play along with the mystery bag sew-along that Jana is running, that would be quite fitting.

As far as crafty projects go, I've been working on whipping this up. Well, actually, whipping implies some amount of speed, and there are Octogenarian's speedier than I am this week, maybe carefully stirring would be a better description? I'm making this anyway:


Which is round, and crocheted and monochromatic, and will be revealled in all it's glory should I ever manage to finish it. Which I hope I will.

That's it for now I think, except to say that my motormouth Sister-in-Law has started a blog, so you could go over there and give her a blogland welcome, if you'd like. Although, I'm not sure I should encourage you to be nice to her, she did call me loopey. Hey! I resemble that remark Auntie Yan!



Daisie said...

We did spaceport last year, it is brill! Dr Who in Conventry soon so we'll be off there too. We are all real Who fans, Elizabeth especially in love with the old ones too. Nathaniel does a great cyberman impression!
I hope you are fully recovered soon, back ache with small people who depend on you is terrible.
Hugs, xxx

April said...

OH!! You poor love, huge sympathies to you on the back pain.

Glad you got to enjoy the Dr Who exhibition, we went when it was in Leicester a few years ago (I think we may need to go again!)

Hope the back is fully recovred soon, take it easy

April xx

Lou said...

Oooh, loving the Dr Who exhibit...and the round crochet stuff...and the lush FQ goodness! Not loving that that back of your's is being a tinker though; get it told!

BTW - Leanne pestered as requested! ;)


Beki said...


Just found you, thought i'd pop in and say hello,
I'm also a sciatica sufferer (touch wood, hasn't flared up for a while) so you have my deepest sympathy.
Can't wait to sit down later and read through your blog, looks great what i've seen so far.
Love your crotchet!
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Take care
Beki xxx

AuntieYan said...

Woohhoo WHERE did Louise pester me? This thing is a total brain masher, we need a Sunday afternoon tutorial session Marie!
Loved the pics... didnt know ur back was bad, "nobody tells me anything!"

frutejuce said...

Mmm these fabrics are lovely. I force myself to stay away from fabric stores as much as poss, it makes me 'use up'. But my mouth just waters at the stuff out there.