Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

I promise normal blogging services (i.e. something approximating daily posting) will be resumed shortly. At the moment we're dealing with:

  • UCAS deadline madness at work.

  • Dad in the hospital (my Dad that is) - not as serious as we first feared (thank goodness) but they're still keeping him for a little while longer.

  • Grace's Godmother (and my good friend) getting married on Friday (for which Grace and I are both Bridesmaids).

No time for blogging, or indeed much else apart from panicking!

Hope you're all well.

Back soon properly. I promise.


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tuesdays = Blah!

Tuesdays, Tuesday, Tuesday. I can’t tell you how much I loathe Tuesdays.

Mostly I loathe them because I have to be in work all day (instead of my usual 5 hours) which is just hideous and drags all day long. I also hate them because I end up rushed even more at the end of the day – I have to dash home to get the dinner on and be there for when my ILs drop the Eggman home. Tuesday just make me feel rush, and hurried and harried – and also a little bored, and I don’t like them *sulk*

I don’t really have much to say today, but I’m very aware of my slackness on the blogging front lately. I can’t seem to find the time to do anything other than work, sleep and eat at the minute. I feel a little like this at the minute:

On the topic of not being able to get anything done, wanna see my WIP list?

Crocheted Bag
Granny Square Blanket
Snood (for my pesky sister and her Am.Dram. Antics)
Scrapbook Layout (which I started last Friday!)
DHs wrist warmers (without the knobble bits – probably doesn’t need them until next year now – D’oh)
Lining my SILs Scottish Widows cloak with purple satin (for her birthday)
Amy Butler bag (pieces are all cut – I just need to find them and some batting and sew it together)
Socks – not doing so good with the socks, did I mention DPNs confuse me. Lots?

That’s not to mention my WTM (want to make) list:

Shoes (not planning on any more babies around here, but I know a few people who are)
Rice Pillow (I love my wheat pillow, but its getting a little sorry looking)
A new one of these (this one is getting baggy around the elastic on account of being stretched around my big fat head)
The mystery bag sew-a-long (I so wanted to do this but was scuppered by poorly small people)
All of the projects here, from this book.
Some summer dresses (for me, and for Miss G), when I find a pattern that won’t make me look hideous.

So much to do. So little time. Can someone please put more hours in my day?


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Stoned. But In A Good Way.

Yes. That's really me. I am that skinny and tanned and often sport tropical flowers in my hair. No really, it is. Stop laughing. Stop it. Okay, so it's not me at all, except in my dreams maybe. Photo stolen from here: http://www.meropesdream.com/images/jpgs/spatofinobcbig.jpg

I had the most glorious evening last night. I went to a pamper evening along with my Mum and 3 of my brother's carers. Just heavenly. We were greeted with glasses of wine and hot foot spas. Given beauty facial massages as our "Starters" and then for the "main course" a choice from a list of different therapy treatment (reflexology, aromatherapy neck and shoulder massage, Indian head massage, Reiki treatment or Hot Stone massage), and then mini hand massages for "dessert". As I've already had most of those treatments in the past I decided to go for the one I haven't tried which was the Hot Stone Massage.
Oh. My. Goodness.
I can't tell you how nice it was. Just blissfully relaxing. I think I have no knots in my shoulders for the first time in, well, in longer than I can remember. I didn't want to leave. Ever. I've also decided that once I win the lottery (which is obviously going to happen one day), I'm going to pay someone to follow me round with a set of these stones and a massage table to I can have this service on tap. It's that good.
I was delighted to find that the lady who runs the Pamper Evenings also does individual treatments so I will most certainly be going back at some point in the future.
Unfortunately today is our Open Day at work for prospective applicants for 2009/10 entry to our programmes. I suspect all that hot stone work will well be undone by the day.............
.......sorry, brief pause in typing why I go see to the person who arrived at the college at 10.30, despite the fact that on the intinerary in the handbook is says, in block capitals, meet at the University of Liverpool. Every year there's one. Every year. I wanted there to be 3 more though - I had 4 down in the sweepstake! ;)
Off to deal with the future leaders of the country - God help us all!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Not Quite Quarantined.

photo from

Firstly, obviously the yarn shop won out. When was it ever not going to? Socks were begun, and are now sitting on the needles with about a half inch knitted because I made the mistake of putting it down for a few days and now I can’t work out what I’m supposed to do to start back up again. Knitting on DPNs confuses me as well as frightening me, clearly.

Secondly, an explanation for today’s photo and for the blog absence. We’ve had poorly kids around here. Grace had a bug last week and was off school. Friday Egg was really poorly too, sore throat, fever, runny nose, covered in a rash. We took him to the NHS walk-in centre only for him to be diagnosed with Scarlet Fever! Could have knocked me down with a feather, because I never saw that coming. I haven’t heard of anyone having that for years. It feels like we’re trapped in a 1900s time warp. I keep expecting to be thrown into quarantine and all the kids toys to be burnt! It’s not quite that bad these days thankfully. Just antibiotics and stay away from other people for a couple of days (Mummies of course not coming under that category, we just have to get sneezed on and coughed on and hope we don’t succumb).

Thankfully they’re both on the mend, Grace is back to school and Egg is actually talking again (his throat was so bad he barely said a word on Friday and Saturday. Big old house o’old fashioned lurgy. That’s us.

Other than that nothing much has happened around here. I bought a new bed. That’s about it. It’s a King sized though – so I’ll have another 6 inches before I fall off the edge now. Hurrah.

I promise to try to be more crafty, and more bloggy. I can’t wait until the evenings are light again so I might feel some crafty mojo returning in the evenings before bed.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Great Lunch Hour Dilemma

Difficult decisions on an emtpy stomach. Do I....

a) go to the cafeteria and get something to eat then read my book.

b) go to the supermarket to buy one of their rather nice salad boxes.

c) go find the yarn store in a nearby town I rarely go to and see if they have 2.5mm DPNs and some sock yarn.

I don't know what to do!!

Answers on a postcard??


Monday, 2 March 2009

The Mediaeval Babes

What a busy weekend it’s been for me. I had a rare night away from home on my own this weekend (the hen party for my good friend Julie who is getting married in April). Jules had decided she wanted to go to the Mediaeval banquet at Warwick castle for her night out so 15 of us trooped down to Warwick to enjoy the Kingmaker’s Mediaeval Banquet experience. We rented costumes for the night from the most amazing costume hire place in Llangollen (the Costume Company). The quality of these dresses is just amazing and it was great fun to swan around in a posh frock all evening (without the inconvenience of having to get married to do it!).

As we were all coming from different parts of the country in different vehicles (although we did do a lot of car sharing – go us being all ecologically minded) we decided to meet up at the motorway service station at Stafford (not least because they have a Wimpy, and one of the ladies who came with us has a mild serious Wimpy obsession. I haven’t actually eaten a Wimpy meal for more years that I care to mention (they were always well known for taking all the elements of American Fast Food service….and removing the fast part) but I have to say it was pretty tasty (and actually hot when I got to eat it). It wasn’t long before I was managing to completely humiliate myself in true Marie fashion though (I really wonder sometimes if I’m safe to be let out in public). When I’d finished my meal I stood up to take my tray to the little flippy lid bin thing to clear it off (socially conscious person that I am). Unfortunately it was a bit of a squeeze to get out of the space I was in, I turned round to squeeze out, put all my weight on to my left leg and promptly found myself landing unceremoniously on my bum amidst a shower of cold chips. *SIGH* Clearly in the excitement of the impending swishy posh-frockness I’d forgotten that I have the left leg of an 80 year old due to my sciatica and it’s clearly not capable of holding my entire body weight (which, trust me, is a lot of body weight) so it totally gave out underneath me. I’d love to say my fellow hen party attendees immediately rushed to my aid………….but it took them a while to stop laughing first. Oh the shame!!

Hoping that I managed to get all my embarrassing moments over for the weekend we got back in our cars and trooped off to check into the hotel. I have a secret confession here. I’m totally in love with hotel showers!! They’re always serious power showers with tonnes of hot water and I just love them. The first thing I did on checking in was get my toiletry bag out and head to the shower and I can tell you, it was heavenly. No small people interruptions, no worrying that I had to go collect someone from somewhere, or feed someone, or change a nappy or do anything other than lounge under that stream of steamy hot water for as long as I wanted. Bliss!

When I’d finally prised myself out of there we got our ye olde Mediaeval glad rags on and headed down to the hotel reception to wait for the taxis. We had a few funny looks from fellow guests, but as the hotel is only 2 miles from the castle and the banquets are a regular feature they see this kind of thing a lot I think.

Here’s a couple of shots of us milling around on the foyer:





One of all of us (that we managed to snag the nice chap off reception into taking us (as oppose to the woman on reception who was a right moody cow with a face like a bull dog chewing a wasp while we were checking in).


(I’m in the bronze-coloured dress kneeling down at the front (right hand side))

Once we got to the castle there was a little tour of the Kingmaker’s exhibit (scarily realistic wax works!) and then into the great hall for a 5 course feast with entertainment from a musical trio (Brandy wine Bridge) who led us all in rousing chorus of drinking songs and a small show by the castle magician (who also performed magic tricks at the table whilst we were eating).

A couple more pics from in the banquet hall:



The Bride to Be!!




On our way out we harangued one of the stewards into taking a photo of all of us on a set of stone steps in the castle grounds but we only gave him three cameras so I haven’t seen that one yet (until someone emails me a copy!).

Once we got back to the hotel the evening was completed by the Bride to Be’s arrival in the hotel reception (she was in the taxi after us)……with a plastic cone. Jules and I went to University together and a standing joke amongst our friends was that no evening out was complete unless you appropriated a traffic cone from somewhere. Once she had that we could all go to bed happy :)


I was limited to only a few glasses of wine with all the drugs I’ve been taking for my sciatica, which meant I was up and alive nice and early the following day and back on the road home before 10am. We all had a fabulous night and we’re certainly going to try to do it again some time.

Sunday was my FILs birthday so we went out for lunch to celebrate that and then Gracie had (another) birthday party to attend so that took up most of the rest of the day. A couple of hours watching High School Musical 2 for the first time (a blessed relief from HSM1 I have to say) and that was the weekend pretty much whizzed by. All this activity has meant I haven’t had change to crack on with anything crafty this weekend, but I have high hopes for getting some stuff done this week. I can see the lighter evenings beginning to creep in and it’s lifting my spirits for summer evening crafting to come. Joy!