Monday, 16 March 2009

Not Quite Quarantined.

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Firstly, obviously the yarn shop won out. When was it ever not going to? Socks were begun, and are now sitting on the needles with about a half inch knitted because I made the mistake of putting it down for a few days and now I can’t work out what I’m supposed to do to start back up again. Knitting on DPNs confuses me as well as frightening me, clearly.

Secondly, an explanation for today’s photo and for the blog absence. We’ve had poorly kids around here. Grace had a bug last week and was off school. Friday Egg was really poorly too, sore throat, fever, runny nose, covered in a rash. We took him to the NHS walk-in centre only for him to be diagnosed with Scarlet Fever! Could have knocked me down with a feather, because I never saw that coming. I haven’t heard of anyone having that for years. It feels like we’re trapped in a 1900s time warp. I keep expecting to be thrown into quarantine and all the kids toys to be burnt! It’s not quite that bad these days thankfully. Just antibiotics and stay away from other people for a couple of days (Mummies of course not coming under that category, we just have to get sneezed on and coughed on and hope we don’t succumb).

Thankfully they’re both on the mend, Grace is back to school and Egg is actually talking again (his throat was so bad he barely said a word on Friday and Saturday. Big old house o’old fashioned lurgy. That’s us.

Other than that nothing much has happened around here. I bought a new bed. That’s about it. It’s a King sized though – so I’ll have another 6 inches before I fall off the edge now. Hurrah.

I promise to try to be more crafty, and more bloggy. I can’t wait until the evenings are light again so I might feel some crafty mojo returning in the evenings before bed.



Lou said...

Glad the house 'o' lurgy is on the mend hun!

And yay for light nights, not long now till the clocks go forward for an extra hour of crafty time! ;)

April said...

blimey, hope everyone is recovering. I had Scarlatina as a child which is a milder form of Scarlet Fever but don't really remember it!

I have got the crafty mojo but still struggling with the carrying it out as arm not 100% - even though I'm back at work!

April xx

Locket Pocket said...

Poor poorly children! Glad to hear they are getting better! lucy x

Rach said...

Topping up the {{{HUGS}}} hun xx

silverpebble said...

I heard a rumour from my cousin that scarlet fever had returned - so strange isn't it? Sorry it came your way -a scary diagnosis, but glad it wasn't too serious. I think you may be close to my old neck o the woods - I'm a scouser, but now live down south. Emma x

AuntieYan said...

Poor little guys have really been though it, u forgot to mention about our Egg having a sore beard... that tickled me no end! x

kim said...

Poor Egg! Glad you are all starting to feel better. And I'm with you on wanting lighter evenings. I need to find some energy somewhere to do something creative--its been too long.

nikinpos said...

Gosh, that would freak me out too. Hope he gets better quickly..