Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Stoned. But In A Good Way.

Yes. That's really me. I am that skinny and tanned and often sport tropical flowers in my hair. No really, it is. Stop laughing. Stop it. Okay, so it's not me at all, except in my dreams maybe. Photo stolen from here:

I had the most glorious evening last night. I went to a pamper evening along with my Mum and 3 of my brother's carers. Just heavenly. We were greeted with glasses of wine and hot foot spas. Given beauty facial massages as our "Starters" and then for the "main course" a choice from a list of different therapy treatment (reflexology, aromatherapy neck and shoulder massage, Indian head massage, Reiki treatment or Hot Stone massage), and then mini hand massages for "dessert". As I've already had most of those treatments in the past I decided to go for the one I haven't tried which was the Hot Stone Massage.
Oh. My. Goodness.
I can't tell you how nice it was. Just blissfully relaxing. I think I have no knots in my shoulders for the first time in, well, in longer than I can remember. I didn't want to leave. Ever. I've also decided that once I win the lottery (which is obviously going to happen one day), I'm going to pay someone to follow me round with a set of these stones and a massage table to I can have this service on tap. It's that good.
I was delighted to find that the lady who runs the Pamper Evenings also does individual treatments so I will most certainly be going back at some point in the future.
Unfortunately today is our Open Day at work for prospective applicants for 2009/10 entry to our programmes. I suspect all that hot stone work will well be undone by the day.............
.......sorry, brief pause in typing why I go see to the person who arrived at the college at 10.30, despite the fact that on the intinerary in the handbook is says, in block capitals, meet at the University of Liverpool. Every year there's one. Every year. I wanted there to be 3 more though - I had 4 down in the sweepstake! ;)
Off to deal with the future leaders of the country - God help us all!


Lou said...

I'm chilled out just reading that!

Are you sure that's not you in the pic? I know you and your tropical flowers look! ;)

AuntieYan said...

Why when where who... I wanna go!!

Did a good bit of PMSL'ing at the future world leaders and the sweep stake comment lol x

trash said...

When you say follow you around with the table and the stones, will you be permanently clad in a white waffle robe with matching scuffs to ensure ease of access?