Sunday, 5 April 2009

As Mr Idol (Billy, not Eric) would say......

3rd April 2009 was indeed a great day for a white wedding.

Our good friends Julie and Doc tied the knot on Friday. After 18 months of meticulous planning by Jules it was a wonderful day and everyone had a great time. The sun shone (thankfully) and Jules looked beautiful.

It was proving to be a pretty photo intensive post for this - so instead of individual pics I've condensed into a slide show:

The kids behaved like angels (for the most part) and Gracie looked like a princess in her gorgeous dress. It really was a wonderful day and a privilege to share it with them.

Just one more thing to leave you with then:



Lou said...

WOW! You all look absolutely amazing: you looking all glamorous, Gracie looking so grown up, Egg in his little suit and Kendo looking fab in a whistle and flute! Oh, and not to mention how beautiful Jules looked. Glad it was a good day after all that planning! x

April said...

you all look gorgeous

April xx