Thursday, 9 April 2009

It'd Be Snood Not To.

*groan* sorry. I couldn't resist the title.

My big sister* belongs to an amateur dramatics society. This one, in fact. They're just about to being a production of Cole Porter's "Kiss me, Kate" and when she was up at Mum's a few weeks ago she asked me if I could crochet her a snood to go with her 1940s costume.

Much internet trawling ensued (as it always does when someone asks you to make something and you have no idea where to start) and I finally stumbled across this pattern, for a "Perky Snood" (how cool is that name). It contained a couple of vintage instructions, so a little more surfing to discover how on earth one is supposed to accomplish a "long treble" and I made a start.

Then there was a wedding, and a washing machine breaking down disaster, and other such pesky life things and I didn't finish it. Yesterday I realised in a bit of a panic that she needs it for Tuesday and it's Bank Holiday weekend!! Eeek!! Knowing I'd have to post it today if it stood anything resembling a chance of getting to her by Tuesday I cracked on with it last night and managed to get it finished.

Then I was struck with the problem of how to photograph the back of my head whilst wearing the thing. It's harder than it sounds, you know.

Here's the best shots anyway:

Crocheted Snood

Crocheted Snood

This is the first time I've never crocheted anything with such a loose weave pattern. Blimey. It's like juggling spagetti! I don't think I'll be trying that again for a while.

I'm still slightly dumbstruck that I've actually managed to finish something crafty. Wonders will never cease. I think I might be brave and try to finish something else before the weekend. Watch this space.


*Yes, she's supposed to blog there, and no she doesn't, well, not often enough.


Rach said...

Is there no end to your crafty talents woman? Looks fab!


Unknown said...

nice job!!!!

April said...

well done, that's lovely - I'm still flummoxed by crochet but determined to perserve. If I ever come to St H without a million other people to see, can I come for a masterclass please??

April xx

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Cool snood!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The stitch markers are on my blog shop (money sent by paypal), but can be put into Folksy if you are unsure about using the blog. You would be my first direct customer on there, so I have no experience of how it would work!

Anyway, let me know if you would like them. You could message me via Folksy if so.

Thanks for the interest.


Lou said...

Ow! Sorry, it hurt when I fell over then from the shock of a finished Ek prokect! ***DUCKING***

Love it hun, very 40s, get to t'munitions factory pronto, draw a line down the back of your legs with a bit of charcoal! ;)