Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Technicologically Dependant.

Okay, so 'technicologically' isn’t really a word, but I’ve been spending far too much time with the ever expanding brain of my 5 year old lately, so I’m all about the making up words as you go along. Gracie’s latest is “magnetical”. Apparently she had a dream where everything in her room was “magnetical” and stuck to her. Magnetical. I like it. It makes sense to me.

Anyhoo, back to the technicological dependency. There has been no computer network (aka no email, no internet, no access to on network documents!!) at my work today. Arrrghhhhhh!!! It’s easy to forget how completely dependant we become on technology to get through our daily lives. I had to go a whole morning without emailing Auntie Lou (thank goodness for text messaging I say, phew) and I haven’t been able to check my work email, or my googlemail account, or my google reader list all morning. Things were so desperate that I had to resort to filing, yes actual filing, of actual paper documents, just to get me through the boredom of the morning. Shocking I thought. I knew things had gotten really bad when I took to making little models out of blu tak. The six sided die came out best. I’d take a photo if I thought everyone in my office wouldn’t think I was completely crazy. You’ll have to trust me that its good.

As its Easter holidays around here – which means no children (well, young adults in this case) in college we usually have the radio on in the office, but that was scuppered by the lack of online activity so we had to rely on CDs instead. Which CDs? Well, I’ve been listening to show tunes all morning. What disturbs me most is that I didn’t find it too hideous, in fact, I rather enjoyed it and was somewhat perturb to discover I knew most of the lyrics. Sheila Williams (my high school music teacher) has a lot to answer for I think (right April? ;)).

On the topic of show tunes. I am off out on the razzle (again – as my darling daughter informed me) this evening to see Chicago at the Liverpool Empire. Jimmy Osmond starring as Billy Flynn and some bird from Eastenders (I don’t watch it so I have no idea who she is, Emma Barton?) as Roxie. All you can eat Chinese food before the show too, so it should make for a nice evening out.

I suppose I should go catch up on some work (and check out the google reader list, I might be missing something important!).



AuntieYan said...

Oh bad times on the lack of cyber fun!
Emma Barton? Is it Honey who was married to Billy?... Just googled it, Yes it is lol Have fun x

AuntieYan said...

Oh bad times on the lack of cyber fun!
Emma Barton? Is it Honey who was married to Billy?... Just googled it, Yes it is lol Have fun x

silverpebble said...

Oh the Empire! - 'A lad in Liverpool', 'Blood Brothers'. Top memories.

Sheesh, Not sure how I could do without the 'pooter - some days it's my only route to the outside world - the only escape from nappyness.

Emma x

April said...

Oh you did make me laugh then!!

Yes Marie, it must be subliminal/osmosis or something but Sheila instilled a life long love of musicals in me - there are still songs I can't hear without thinking of her (Angel of Music??) and in fact I'm just starting to rehearse Oliver with our Year 6's for their final show!!!

Enjoy Chicago, I saw it a few years ago in Northampton with John Altman (Ender's Nasty Nick) and he was brilliant!!

We went to see Jersey Boys last night - and I'll be blogging about that soon!!!

April xx

Lou said...

How I got through yesterday I'll never know Marie; I had to resort to work at one stage!

Oooh, theatre and Chinese, sounds like a plan! Even if you are out all the time according to LMC! Just wait 10 years when you can throw that one back at her! :P