Thursday, 21 May 2009

When Postie Brings Nice Things.

I don't know about you, but I love it when postie brings nice things, especially when they're a complete surprise!

A little while ago April had a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her 200th bloggy post. I was lucky enough to win and some goodies arrived from April today.

In my lovely little parcel were:

This fab monogrammed cross stitch card and a little pile of pink wrapped parcels (very exciting!):

Cross stitch monogram card

Inside the parcels.......

A little pink notebook (perfect, I do love lists (although not quite as much as my Yan?)) and a wooden painted heart ornament (which I think I will take to hang at my desk at work for a little crafty cheer in the office):

Notebook and heart ornament

In the last parcel, this super cute cross stitch door hanging, this did make me smile. I shall hang it in my (neglected) craft room and hope it can bring me some inspiration (which has been sorely lacking of late!).

Door hanger

Thank you so much April, you have helped put a smile on my face (much needed this week).



AuntieYan said...

How fab getting a book of lists thru the door!
Also I am loving how ur blog updates appear on my desktop now! No idea how it happened but I can stalk you within seconds!!!

April said...

so glad you liked the gifties - especially the door hanger as that one was my prototype and you were my guinea pig!!

Thanks hun - and you are so welcome, very glad to make you smile

April xx

Beth said...

oh, those are some nice gifties!

Claire said...

Ah that's really sweet. Can April be my friend too!!! LOL