Thursday, 18 June 2009

Access Denied

I am an appalling blogger. I know. I've definitely lost that blogging feeling.

In my defense the lack of blogginess has not been helped by the fact that when I now try to access my blog from work (where I usually blog from) I'm greeted by this lovely screen:

Access Denied! Same with any Wordpress, Typepad or other Blogger page. I guess the IT plebs around here have finally wised up. Pah! Thank goodness for Google Reader I say or I may never get to read another blog in work again. I can't comment from there though, which explains why I haven't commented on any of the blogs I usually do (sorry if I've not been to yours for a while, I'm trying to catch up.
Things have been going on around here, and yet in some ways it seems nothing blog worthy has happened. I'm working on a project, its nearly almost nearly finished. I will post pics when I'm done. In the meantime it's school time for the munchkins so this will be short and sweet, just so you know I'm still here. I'm still reading your blogs when I can. I miss blogland! Trying desperately to get back here.


Rachel said...

How inconsiderate of your IT dept! Don't they know how important blogging is? ;) Hope you manage to get back to blogland soon!
PS. Re the swap, just wanted to ask about any favourite colours (or any that you particularly DON'T like? Thanks)
Rachel x

Mrs Moog said...

Oh, boo hiss to the IT plebs!! they're all holed up in their little lair Twittering and Facebooking while you're denied access to blogland...grr!

Good to see you back in blogland :-)