Friday, 26 June 2009

Lucy in the Attic with Rainbows.

Have you visted Lucy in her Attic? Have you?

If you haven't, then you really, really should.

If you have then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when I tell you about the fabulous, yarn-filled, rainbow coloured lushness that is Miss Lucy's blog space.

I stumbled across Attic 24 a good while back on a little blog hopping jaunt. As it happened, it was around the time I decided to teach myself how to crochet. What a stroke of luck that was, and what an inspiration Lucy turned out to be.

First, was the discovery that despite the fact that Lucy's blog is full of completely lub-er-ly crochet creations - she had not that long ago learnt to crochet herself (thus confirming hope on the horizon that I might actually "get it" eventually.)

Second, Lucy's patterns. Oh, those patterns. Ordinarily when I try to read crochet patterns my brain runs off to a corner of my skull to try to escape the torment. They just don't make sense to me at all. Lucy's patterns though? Written step by step.... in English (my kind of English) and the photos! All those times I looked at a pattern and wondered "but where exactly am I supposed to put the hook through!!" Lucy gives me a photo, to show me just what I should be doing. Lucy's patterns rock!

Which is what led me to this. Do you remember this:


A sneak peak of a project started way back in February. Now it's finished (hurrah!) and here it is:

Crochet Bag

Crochet Bag - Detail

I need to work on my tension a little, and the outside of the bag was made with a lower weight yarn (and smaller hook) so it isn't quite as close knit as Lucy's rainbow bag. As it turned out a little more hole-filled than anticipated I decided to make a lining in the same way (but all in red) which I then attached to the inside just below the scalloped edging.

Crochet Bag - Inside

The lining gives the bag a nice chunky feeling that I like. I was feeling a little monochromatic when I started this project. Hence the colour scheme of the main bag, but my mood had picked up a little when I got further along so I decided on a splash of colour. I really quite like how it turned out.

Perfect for housing this whilst on the go:

Crochet Bag and yummy stash

Which will be the next crochet project, strangely enough from a pattern from a certain Attic blog.

The craftiness hasn't ended there either. There's been actual scrapbooking too (okay, one layout, which sat on my desk unfinished for about 3 months, but it's done now!):

LO_Fuzzy around the edges

Certainly won't be winning layout of the year, but at least it's actual scrapbooking production, which is few and far between at the moment.

Right, best go before the kids strangle each other. I haven't shown you them lately have I...... monkey's as always, just bigger now:


Model behaviour? Miss Grace is such a poser these days!


And this little Egg is just about as cheeky as they come.



Lou said...

Ooh lovely luscious crotchetness, I want one! Did I mention it's my birthday in... er...11 months? Oh pants!

April said...

I am so jealous that you have mastered crochet and I'm still struggling! Loving the bag and the yarn inside it - pretty colours

Your kids just get cuter!

April xx

Tara said...

Love the bag! Your talent amazes me.

I love that photo of you and E too! It was the photo that made me realize that we were dopplegangers. And it's a lovely picture.

Mrs Moog said...

Oh wow - your bag is fab!! I love the colours. Crochet is so addictive - I couldn't stop last week!!

Lovely photos of the kiddlies :)