Friday, 31 July 2009


Don't tell anyone too many people, but, if you were to perhaps take a little wander over here, them you might come across a lovely (not so) little knitting pattern from a certain Monkee making lady we all know and miss.

Then you could make one of these, all for your very own:

New Monkee from Monkee Maker pattern

Then, if you happen to have one lying around, you could give your newly created monkee to an eager little boy, so he can squish it:

Egg and his New Monkey 2

and kiss it:

Egg and his New Monkey 5

and get tired with it:

Egg and his New Monkey 7

and pretend to sleep with it:

Egg and his New Monkey 1

and get bored of sleeping with it and name it "Shaggy" and dangle it around by its arm:

Egg and his New Monkey 4

Be careful though. If you happen to have one of these around the house too:


Because she will likely get jealous and pout and cry. Even though she already has a lovely pink monkee make of knit all of her very own. Then she'll bemoan the fact that she can't find it (even though you know full well its in her room) and she'll insist on having her photograph taken with the resident sock monkey. Just to make things all fair.

And if she gets too pouty:

Grace and Fred the Sock Monkey

You could always gag her with the monkey:

Grace and Fred the Sock Monkey

Thank you Mrs Monkee Maker lady :) I've been hoping for a long time that you would share your pattern, and now you have, and making it made me (and the Eggman, although not so much Miss Gracie) very happy.

Happy Monkeeing.


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Step Into My Orifice......

It's Here! The time has finally arrived!! Yesterday I was allowed to start moving stuff into my new orifice office at work. I'm sooooooo excited!

The student services office where I'm currently located is in the middle of the building with no outside windows and an air conditioning unit which pipes out the smell of wet dog 90% of the time (not sure what that's all about!).

The new build that I'm moving into is nearly, almost, nearly finished but the wing that I'm in is complete so we're allowed in for unpacking (although can't officially use it as a workbase until the 17th August).

I'm sharing the new office with my boss (not a problem as she's fab) and it's right up in the degree base so I'll be right near all my students (I'll probably end up thinking that's not such a good idea in about 5 months time!).

The best thing about my new office? It has a view! and windows that actually open! This was my view yesterday:

View from New Office

A little overcast, but look.......trees!! If you squint you can even see hills! Ahhhhhhhh.......soak up that geography.

The inside is a bit of a mess at the moment because it's full of packing boxes and still needs another desk in. It's very light though. I lubs it.

New Office Panoramic

Bit of panorama there but the windows went a little bit wiggy. The wall on the left is really bright orange, the rest white. The furniture is all Ikea-y and lovely. It's got that weird new building smell going on.

I can't wait to get moved in and start the new academic year in our new space. As well as the office we also have a new computer lab with new PCs, a degree base (which they use kind of like a common room) and a new teaching room for our medicine and dentistry students.

Roll on th 17th!!!


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Mind The Gap!

Another long bloggy absence! I've officially sucked at this this year! Sorry.

Things have been kind of hectic this week as Kendo has been away for work so I've been flying solo at home with the munchkins......... what's that thing you can see there? That'd be the end of my tether!

I had a few days off work this week as it was the start of the school holidays for Grace on Tuesday. Trying to keep two small people occupied even for three days has been a complete and total PITA! Total Kudos to the SAHMs that do this day in day out.

On Thursday I promised painting for the kids (against my better judgement and the ardent advice of Miss Louise).


The kids made a mess, but had good fun in the process. Although I have to say....washable paint? My arse! Here's their handiwork anyway.


It did make me laugh when I spotted this pic on Louise's blog - we might be a mountain range apart, but things are just the same over th'pennines it seems ;)

Friday was Egg's last day of playschool before the summer, which can only mean one thing - PARTY TIME and PUPPET SHOW TIME (okay, technically that's two things). He had a total blast, showing off all his groovy dance moves, and sat nicely for the presentations. I couldn't get over just how big he looked. Not really a baby any more. :(


Excuse the black oval - I don't mind photos of our kids being on here (obviously) but as I don't have permission from this young lady's parents to post her photo on t'internet then you don't get to see her.

Absolutely the biggest news of the week though, is this:

Mind The Gap

Miss Grace lost her first tooth!!! It's been wobbling like mad for ages and yesterday it finally got to the point where she was bordering on swallowing the thing so she let me pop it right out of there with a tissue. Of course the Toothfairy paid a visit last night so she has her first shiny pound coin to start saving up with (she's decided to save for something biggish rather than spending the toothfairy loot as it comes). She's already got 3 other wobbly ones so we the Toothfairy will be skint in no time. I don't think her gap will last long though. She's already got both adult teeth at the front (bottom) coming through, you can just about see them on the photo. So she won't have to put up with Grandad's renditions of "All I want for Christmas is me too front teeth" for long!

Do you like the new look Cookie by the way? Thanks for Rach's post here about her new look I decided a change was in order and one of Zoe's "Blog in a box" kits from Sweet Shoppe Designs was just what I needed as I didn't have the time or the energy to me whipping up blog banners and side bar banners (maybe next time?).

That said, it did take me two nights to finally manage to get a third column added again (I've had one for so long now I didn't want to do without!). All done now though, I just have to work out why the post separators aren't working. Damn HTML. Grrrrrrr.

Right, that's me for now. Promise to do better (as always).


Saturday, 18 July 2009

A Certain Mr Potter.

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting. Patiently. For this:

I'm a big fan of Harry Potter. The books and also the movies and I've been looking forward to the release of the Half-Blood Prince for a while. I got a pass out from Mr K to go see it with a friend last night. I wasn't disappointed.

I'd read several reviews for the film online and to be honest probably more than half of them were less than complementary. Not that I usually listen to anything film critics have to say, because clearly, from past evidence, what do they know? Having seen the film now I suspect that people's disappointment with it comes from them expecting it to be like the book. Which is never going to happen. I've long since stopped going to see films made from books with this expectation, and losing that expecting makes the whole movie viewing process much more enjoyable. It's a movie. Not a book. You're never going to get the subtleties that can come across in writing over on the big screen. You're never going to get the plot in in its entirety (lets face it, when film makers even try to do that people always complain the films are too long anyway!). It is what it is, and personally I thought it did it rather well.

So, my own little movie review for the Half-Blood Prince?

Not so dark as the last two films, but no less enjoyable for it. The whole thing is much more "Teenage-angsty" than the others (you can see these kids growing up before your eyes I think) and it was handled really well, with compassion, and frustration and a little humour for good measure. The usually unflappable Herimone shows a completely different side in this film (much more vunerable and 3 dimensional). Ron is on absolutely excellent form (I think I laughed more at him than any of the others). Harry is, well, Harry. He has the usual mopey moments but also some gems (he's particularly amusing when he takes the Felix Felicis potion). Whilst I'm not usual a Helena Bonham Carter fan, I must say she does psychotic dark witch to perfection, She's looped!

There was lots of stuff missing from the book plot (none of it vital to the story) and a couple of additions - one of which I thought was completely uncalled made me a little sad :( (but I won't give it away)) but overall the story was well told and all the important bits were there.
The only thing really overlooked, I felt, was the amount of Dumbledore's Army action. We didn't see anywhere near enough of Mr Longbottom (although Looney Lovegood was her usual enigmatic self). I expected more from the DA as they feature so prominently in the last half of the last book. Ah well, we shall see where the two parter Deathly Hallows movies go with that.

My best assessment. Go wearing your movie-goers hat and not your bookworm hat and you won't be disappointed (although make sure you pee before you go and expect numb bum cheeks....its a LONG film (not that I noticed how much time had passed).

Right, now I've got all my HP excitement out. Onto other excitement.

This lovely collection of things arrived in the post for me yesterday (just in time to rescue me from some housework!):

Seaside Swap Goodies - Wrapped

These are my Seaside Swap goodies from the lovely Rachel over at Contented. Here's what was inside:

Seaside Swap Goodies

A sweet little stripey zippy pouch (that's going to live in my bag to hold all those bits that I can't find because they're always rattling around the bottom); a gorgeous mini quilt (which will go in the craft room with my rainbow one from Lucy's Mini quilt swap. I have two....that's officially a collection! hurrah!); some santuary body spray (yummy smell), a sweet little candle and seaside sign and some embroidery patches. And finally, did you see it there, mmmmmmmm Green and Blacks *drool* Demolished with a cup of coffee around 10 minutes after opening the package. Did I mention mmmmmmmmmm. Thank you so much Rachel, I love them!

I just hope I can get Rachel's sent to her before the summer is over!

Right, off to dancing with Grace shortly, then off to watch Mr K be sporty at a local park in the name of charity (and on his birthday and everything).