Friday, 31 July 2009


Don't tell anyone too many people, but, if you were to perhaps take a little wander over here, them you might come across a lovely (not so) little knitting pattern from a certain Monkee making lady we all know and miss.

Then you could make one of these, all for your very own:

New Monkee from Monkee Maker pattern

Then, if you happen to have one lying around, you could give your newly created monkee to an eager little boy, so he can squish it:

Egg and his New Monkey 2

and kiss it:

Egg and his New Monkey 5

and get tired with it:

Egg and his New Monkey 7

and pretend to sleep with it:

Egg and his New Monkey 1

and get bored of sleeping with it and name it "Shaggy" and dangle it around by its arm:

Egg and his New Monkey 4

Be careful though. If you happen to have one of these around the house too:


Because she will likely get jealous and pout and cry. Even though she already has a lovely pink monkee make of knit all of her very own. Then she'll bemoan the fact that she can't find it (even though you know full well its in her room) and she'll insist on having her photograph taken with the resident sock monkey. Just to make things all fair.

And if she gets too pouty:

Grace and Fred the Sock Monkey

You could always gag her with the monkey:

Grace and Fred the Sock Monkey

Thank you Mrs Monkee Maker lady :) I've been hoping for a long time that you would share your pattern, and now you have, and making it made me (and the Eggman, although not so much Miss Gracie) very happy.

Happy Monkeeing.



Lou said...

LMAO! Gorgeous monkey hun and brilliant pics! Again, I'm sat here just wishing I could knit more than a Barbie blanket! x

silverpebble said...

Isn't it fabulous that MM shared her pattern. He's very handsome - excellent knittiness!

Tara said...

Could I commission the making of a monkey for Mr J, who has a Curious George obsession? Do you ship across the pond??

Michaela said...

Still missing the insanity of the Monkee Maker blog. If we keep pushing it, do you think she'd ever start bloging again?