Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Step Into My Orifice......

It's Here! The time has finally arrived!! Yesterday I was allowed to start moving stuff into my new orifice office at work. I'm sooooooo excited!

The student services office where I'm currently located is in the middle of the building with no outside windows and an air conditioning unit which pipes out the smell of wet dog 90% of the time (not sure what that's all about!).

The new build that I'm moving into is nearly, almost, nearly finished but the wing that I'm in is complete so we're allowed in for unpacking (although can't officially use it as a workbase until the 17th August).

I'm sharing the new office with my boss (not a problem as she's fab) and it's right up in the degree base so I'll be right near all my students (I'll probably end up thinking that's not such a good idea in about 5 months time!).

The best thing about my new office? It has a view! and windows that actually open! This was my view yesterday:

View from New Office

A little overcast, but look.......trees!! If you squint you can even see hills! Ahhhhhhhh.......soak up that geography.

The inside is a bit of a mess at the moment because it's full of packing boxes and still needs another desk in. It's very light though. I lubs it.

New Office Panoramic

Bit of panorama there but the windows went a little bit wiggy. The wall on the left is really bright orange, the rest white. The furniture is all Ikea-y and lovely. It's got that weird new building smell going on.

I can't wait to get moved in and start the new academic year in our new space. As well as the office we also have a new computer lab with new PCs, a degree base (which they use kind of like a common room) and a new teaching room for our medicine and dentistry students.

Roll on th 17th!!!



Lou said...

OK, that's weird, I've just got a glimpse of where you'll be when we're having our rounds of email ping-pong!

Congrats hun, glad you finally get rid of the wet dogs! :)

April said...

yay!! Love the new office - windows are a good thing!

April xx