Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Big Box o' Goodness

Earlier in the week (my goodness, I've actually blogged more than once this week! Whatever is the world coming too?) I mentioned that I'd been asked to test another product as well as the online food hygiene course.

It was an Abel and Cole veggie box and it arrived this morning (one would assume at the crack of sparrow had already been delivered by the time Kendo left for work at 7am!).

Abel and Cole Box

If you're a regular reader here, then chances are you also read over at the Moogsmum and I'm a Ginger Monkey blogs so you'll recall that they've both been talking about these boxes recently. I've been dithering about trying the Abel and Cole delivery service for ages, but I wasn't sure if it would work for us. When I was offered the opportunity to try and review one for free I of course jumped at the chance.

I couldn't wait to get up and see what was waiting for us in the box this morning (excited about veggies.....what's happening to me??) and I wasn't disappointed with the content. Its the Mixed Organic Box option (there are several different variations you can order from the website) and has:

A&C Box content

Fairtrade bananas (nice green ones, which is good because I just bought some so they should be about ready when the others have been eaten)
Carrots (always a winner here)
cucumber (we go through these at a rate of knots)
Green Kale (Kendo will be happy, I'm not a fan but he loves it)
Green Lettuce (this looked so fresh and yummy)
New Potatoes
Pattipan squash (these are peculiar looking things, not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, I'll have to have a mooch round google for a recipe)
Star Ruby Grapefruit
White Onions

So, a pretty good haul. I will work on finding some recipes that I can use this lot in and let you know after the taste test how it is.

In completely non-veggie related news........ I scrapped another layout last night! I've had this photo and a selection of papers and card and embellies on my desk for months because I've really wanted to scrap it, but every time I've sat down to look at it I've been completely unsure about what to do with it. I knew I wanted to tell the story, but couldn't find a way to make the page work. The photo is of Me and Grace with the lovely Miss Louise and Miss Emily (technically Xander and Egg are there too, but they were still safely ensconced in those baby bellies at this point). It was taken the very first time we met in real life (we'd only ever spoken online before this point). It was a fantastic day out at the Wonderland park in Telford, a beautiful sunny day and a great opportunity to met so many of my Babywhisperer buddies.

I've been hoarding these Basic Grey Urban Prairie papers for a while. They're totally lush and completely strokable - so much so that I didn't want to cut into them! This weeks scrapbooking lesson is clearly that pattern papers are no use to anyone unless you actually use them, because both this week's pages have involved using stash I love but have been holding on to. I must remember to use more of the stuff I love rather than just keeping it to gather dust.

Here's the page anyway:

Real Friends LO

IRL LO Journaling

IRL LO Close up

The inspiration for the layout came from a bit of a browsing session over at the Two Peas In A Bucket gallery yesterday. I absolutely love this page by Shannon Tidwell. Indeed, the whole of Shannon's gallery is fabulous. What caught my attention on this layout though was using popdots to produce dimension on the page, but in reverse. Shannon has cut out shapes from the main background cardstock and then added patterned paper to the back so it adds some depth. I loved this technique and couldn't wait to try it - which was the perfect opportunity to finally get this picture scrapped.

So. This week........4 blog posts, getting excited over a box of veggies, scrapping 2 layouts........ I think maybe I've been taken over by aliens!!! Some strange is going on for sure.



Lou said...

Oh hun, I have tears in my eyes! I love that you did a LO of me! It is a gorgeous LO too and what a fab 3D affect (not stealing it, honest! :P)

And this healthy thing of ours has to stop! Veggies delievered to your door? What happened to cupcakes?!

keep on blogging, love having Marieisms every morning! x

Rach said...

Beautiful LO hun, love it xx

The veg box looks good too - I'm assuming the funny squash thing is to the left in the picture?!

At the moment I'm trying to hide veggies in order to get Cam to eat them. He's gone from being such a fab eater - always loving veg, to a picky little **** (insert your own word there :P!)



This page is gorgeous
I love so much about it
the reverse dimension windows, the colours and patterned papers, the subject and title, the journalling etc think you should submit this to scrapbook trends or another mag really enjoyed viewing it now going over to see where you got the inpsiration from!!!
Crafteresa xx