Monday, 3 August 2009

She Made Me Do It!

As you've probably gathered from the complete lack of layout photos on the Cookie blog, there hasn't been a whole lot of scrapbooking going on around here lately. Strange really, because once upon a time scrapping was my favourite way to pass my crafty time. I just haven't been inspired to get creative with the paper and glue for a while and once you get out of the habit it's harder to pick it up again.

Anyway. My good buddy Louise belongs to the team on UKScrappers which were responsible for setting last week's weekly challenge and Louise bullied me until I cried encouraged me to make a layout for it (supporting ones bloggy and RL buddies and all that).

Here's the page anyway:

This life LO

8.5x11 for a change. Another page for my long abandoned Book of Me (I thought the change in page size might jig up the mojo a little). I was going great guns with this the evening I started it, then as usual life conspired to get in the way of me completing it and I didn't get it done until last night in a bit of a last minute rush, which sort of sucks the fun out of it. I'm hoping to try to set aside some time to get some uninterrupted scrapping in. Maybe that will rekindly my love of all things patterned paper? Who knows.



Lou said...

{{{CRACKS WHIP}}} Good to see I am being obeyed by at least one person in my life! You see what happens hun, you did some scrapping and it looks fab! You also have me hanging my head in shame at the lack of pages in my BOM!

Glad to have scrappy Marie back! ;)