Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Catch ups, Construction and Cabbages

I am shamelessly stealing this from Louise. Sorry Lou!

I've been (miraculously) keeping up with my daily layouts for the LSNED class, but been shockingly bad at blogging them. So here's Sept 11th through 22nd (in a handy little slideshow).

In other non-LSNED related Cookie news, my baby isn't a baby anymore!! Ewan turned a big 3 on Tuesday amidst much presenty, birthday cakey goodness. There was a distinct "Construction" theme to his present this year - he's all about the tools at the moment and he's been happily constructing kiddie meccano models in his Bob The Builder outfit. I can't believe that he's 3 already, it doesn't seem like two minutes since Lou, Rach and I were sitting round with our big ol'preggie bellies bemoaning the ridiculous heat of the summer of 2006. How time flies.

Here's the birthday boy showing off some of his presents:

Ewan's 3rd Birthday

Ewan's 3rd Birthday

Last weekend (as you can tell from the LSNED pages) was a pretty busy one. I got an unexpected invitation on Saturday to go with my Mum to watch Great Britain Versus Poland in the Davies Cup Tennis Championship which was being held in Liverpool. I've never watched live tennis before (only ever on the TV) and it's a very different experience in the flesh. I thoroughly enjoyed it though (even if we did get walloped by Poland 3 sets to 1!!). I'd definitley look at doing something like that again.

More sporty activity on Sunday but this time we were the ones to be getting the exercise. You'll recall that Kendo and I started a running plan earlier in the year. One of the things we did as part of that to spur us on was to sign up for our first 5K race. The Antrobus Cabbage Canter. The race took place Sunday and I'm proud to say we made it round in 37 minutes (and 8 seconds). I've no doubt Kendo would have made it round more quickly if he hadn't have had to keep pace with me and spur me along when I had a couple of walking breaks (thanks for sticking with me Mr K! :)) but we crossed the line together and proudly collected our T-shirts, medals and cabbages (half of which Kendo ate on his sunday roast later that day!). He's already picking a 10K for the next race. My calf muscles object. Strenously.

Other than that, nothing much has happened in Cookie land. Work is insanely busy with resitting students from last year and this years intake about to arrive tomorrow and I haven't managed to do anything crafty other than my LSNED pages. I'm escaping the madness of our house on Saturday to head over to see Miss Lou and go to her local scrapbooking crop. A whole day of non-kidding interrupted, dedicated scrapping time. I CAN'T WAIT!! Just need to decide how much of my stash to pack!! It could take a while.


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Where is September going to?

I cannot believe we're already half way through September already. Or that it's nearly a fortnight since I last blogged. Lots going on around here, not all of it great but more on that in a bit.

First (and actually quite useful for remembering everything that's gone on), I have been keeping up with my LSNED pages (remarkably). Here's a quick lowdown on what I've not got around to posting yet:

Sept 2nd

Kendo managed to leave a bag of ice out of the freezer before he went to bed - not really good when left on top of a recipe book. I've had this recipe book since I was about 7 years old and still make things from it - its fab (especially the brownie recipe).

September 2nd

Sept 3rd

I finally moved into my new office at work which is cool - but I was a little sad to be leaving the admin office where I've been based for the last 2 year. Endings and new beginnings.

September 3rd

Sept 4th

The age old law of posties - when you're waiting for a parcel they'll try to deliver it as soon as you've left the house!

September 4th

Sept 5th

A tough one this. I had a falling out with some good friends quite a number of years back. Things around here of late have been making me think life it too short to be harbouring arguments, so I tried to get in touch to make the peace - so far nothing back, but at least I know I've done what I can to get the peace process moving. Watching this space.

September 5th

Sept 6th

The key to me actually doing the pages on time this year, I'm doing them little bits at a time when I can. So far it seems to be working.

September 6th

Sept 7th

The saddest of days so far. My SILs doggy has been very poorly and had to be put to sleep. Not an easy decision for them to make, but probably the best one. She was the biggest prima donna pup I've never known, but was a sweetie aswell and the kids loved her to bits (although I think she was generally just long suffering when it came to tolerating them!). RIP Annie.

September 7th

Sept 8th

Completely random learning for this day. Being in the new office with my boss now (when were were previously based across college from one another) I'm finding out lots of strange things I didn't know about her - like the fact that she can juggle AND ride a unicycle, but apparently only in a straight line!

September 8th

Sept 9th

Scary scary moment for this days learning.

September 9th

Now, I have done up to the 14th but I think that's enough photos for today. On to the reason for the September 9th layout.

Last Wednesday morning Egg managed to terrify the life out of me by not being able to walk when he woke up. Usually he's straight out of bed and into ours in a morning but he stayed in his bed shouting for someone to come get him, he wouldn't walk and when we did finally coax him into standing up and taking some steps he was super wobble and crying.

Whisked him off to the doctors office that morning (by which time he had started walking a little but was still limping and very wobbly) and was sent for hip and knee X-rays. Egg was a total superstar for the X-rays (as was Archie Bear, they both got stickers!) and we sat back to wait for the results.

The Docs called the day after with the result, starting the conversation with the phrase "Don't worry, but...." (like that's not going to make you crap your pants at whats coming??

Hence the Sept 10th page, come to think about it:

September 10th

The upshot of the phone call is that there is a shadow on the X-ray of Egg's left knee joint which needs to be investigated by an Orthopedic specialist. They don't think it's anything sinister, possibly a cyst, but it needs to be looked at. We've had his appointment date through for 13th October, so we just need to wait and see till then. Egg's been absolutely fine, so I'm sure it's nothing - but you can't help worry when something isn't as it should be with your babies.

On completely unrelated crafty stuff. I really need to stay away from I went on there just for a mooch about and ended up spending some of Saturday whipping up a winter hat for me:

Diva Snow Hat

I'm not sure about whether I like it or not yet. Time will tell. I didn't make the felted flower - it's the one I won in the giveaway a while back, but I think it fits with the hat really well.

Can I just had a quick HURRAH! as Egg has just asked for his potty....and actually peed in it!! Hurrah!

Right, must get everyone dressed and off to their respective places of work, play or learning.

(apologies for any typos or errors, haven't time to check back)


Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Quest for Fitness

I made my first page for the Learn Something New Everyday Class (here after known as LSNED to avoid much superfluous typing on my part) last night. As we're supposed to be scrapping what we've learnt in a particular day and it's a bit hard to do that until you've lived it we're scrapping a day behind so the page I made yesterday on 2nd was actually the page for the 1st. Confused? Me too.

So, lesson learnt for September 1st? Well. You remember I mentioned this a little while back. I've been running and had been doing quite well with keeping up my 3 times a week, until about a week and a half ago, when I let one night slide, then another, then another. Eek! I finally dragged my unco-operative bum to the gym on Tuesday night, only to discover that having a lazy week off might be nice at the time - but it only makes it harder to get back into things once you get back to the gym. Hopefully I can continue to remember this listen. {Note to Self} Must go to gym tonight!

Here's the page anyway:

September 1st

In other news - I finally officially moved into my new office today. Hurrah! Phone is on, computer is up and running. Okay, so the boxes are still to be unpacked and there's nothing on the walls or noticeboards yet, but at least I'm in there. It will be very strange going into work on Monday morning and going straight to the new office rather than the admin office. The end of an era!

We even have a plant in our new office, a lovely present from the admin manager for a moving in gift (how sweet is that?). It's fabulously red and yellow and goes lovely with our orange wall. We're positively tropical in there (which can only be a good thing if the weather continues in the same vain as it was today).

Here's my lovely plant:

Plant in my new office

Wanna start a sweep on how long it takes me to kill it??? ;)


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Class Starts Today!!

Not for the kids though (they don't go back until Thursday). Class starts for me today, in the form of this:

You might recall last year I signed up to take part in Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday Class. One the great things about Shimelle's classes is that once you've paid to take part the first time then you get to participate every year without any further charges. You get all the new prompts, access to the forums etc. Great value I think. You can check out my pages from last year here.

I admit I wasn't really going to take part this year (but only because I didn't really get quite to the end last time so felt a bit bad) but the lovely Louise is taking part this time round and I couldn't resist the urge to join my scrapping buddy on this little September adventure. She starts a new job tomorrow too - GOOD LUCK LOU! So if you should feel like it why not pop over and wish her luck.

So, Friday night and a little online cropping with Miss Lou and my album cover was done, cardstock pages cut and punched and album assemble (although I will dismantle it while I scrap the pages). Here's the finished article:

LSNED Album cover

It's turned out a little more muted in colours than it was in my head originally, but the absolute best thing about it (in my mind anyway) is that I've manged to make the album and assemble a kit for the class entirely using stash that I already have! Hurrah! Go me, being all scrapping frugal. Making a dent in the massive stash isn't a bad thing either.

I've just been looking back to the post I linked about where I talked about starting the LSNED class this time last year. Here's a little of what I had to say (if you didn't clickity click it):

Can anyone else feel it? The change of seasons just hovering there on the brink? I love Autumn, so I can't wait and I definitely had that Autumney feel setting off to work this morning. There's a definite "back to school" vibe in the air. I can't wait until the nights start to draw in. Autumn is the best season ever!

You know what's weird? I felt exactly the same as this this morning. Clearly the 1st September brings out the Autumn lover in me.

Right, must dash, I have brownies in the oven. Channelling Martha again, clearly.

Oh - and I've actually finished my projects for the Seaside swap. Expect to see them soon when my swap buddy has taken delivery :)