Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Catch ups, Construction and Cabbages

I am shamelessly stealing this from Louise. Sorry Lou!

I've been (miraculously) keeping up with my daily layouts for the LSNED class, but been shockingly bad at blogging them. So here's Sept 11th through 22nd (in a handy little slideshow).

In other non-LSNED related Cookie news, my baby isn't a baby anymore!! Ewan turned a big 3 on Tuesday amidst much presenty, birthday cakey goodness. There was a distinct "Construction" theme to his present this year - he's all about the tools at the moment and he's been happily constructing kiddie meccano models in his Bob The Builder outfit. I can't believe that he's 3 already, it doesn't seem like two minutes since Lou, Rach and I were sitting round with our big ol'preggie bellies bemoaning the ridiculous heat of the summer of 2006. How time flies.

Here's the birthday boy showing off some of his presents:

Ewan's 3rd Birthday

Ewan's 3rd Birthday

Last weekend (as you can tell from the LSNED pages) was a pretty busy one. I got an unexpected invitation on Saturday to go with my Mum to watch Great Britain Versus Poland in the Davies Cup Tennis Championship which was being held in Liverpool. I've never watched live tennis before (only ever on the TV) and it's a very different experience in the flesh. I thoroughly enjoyed it though (even if we did get walloped by Poland 3 sets to 1!!). I'd definitley look at doing something like that again.

More sporty activity on Sunday but this time we were the ones to be getting the exercise. You'll recall that Kendo and I started a running plan earlier in the year. One of the things we did as part of that to spur us on was to sign up for our first 5K race. The Antrobus Cabbage Canter. The race took place Sunday and I'm proud to say we made it round in 37 minutes (and 8 seconds). I've no doubt Kendo would have made it round more quickly if he hadn't have had to keep pace with me and spur me along when I had a couple of walking breaks (thanks for sticking with me Mr K! :)) but we crossed the line together and proudly collected our T-shirts, medals and cabbages (half of which Kendo ate on his sunday roast later that day!). He's already picking a 10K for the next race. My calf muscles object. Strenously.

Other than that, nothing much has happened in Cookie land. Work is insanely busy with resitting students from last year and this years intake about to arrive tomorrow and I haven't managed to do anything crafty other than my LSNED pages. I'm escaping the madness of our house on Saturday to head over to see Miss Lou and go to her local scrapbooking crop. A whole day of non-kidding interrupted, dedicated scrapping time. I CAN'T WAIT!! Just need to decide how much of my stash to pack!! It could take a while.



Daisie said...

Happy birthday Ewan!!! Really in loved with the boyish peppa shirt please tell from whence it came, I know a little boy who NEEDS one!

April said...

Happy Birthday Egg!

April xx

AuntieYan said...

The Peppa Pig outfit came from Next last Christmas from (one of) his fav Auntie's!!

Tara said...


And good on you, Ek for your running and sticking with it!

Unknown said...

I knew the minute I saw the dots I was going to love your blog. Hope you don't mind if I follow along on your adventure... Thanks for the comment left... Had 509 hits yesterday after Lucy's "shout you"..... only 20 or so comments. Kind of scarey who was peeking into my little world..

But, I'm sure enjoying yours...

Mrs Moog said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely little chap!

I just had to laugh at your scrapbook page about losing yourself on Ravelry - that is SO me!!