Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Class Starts Today!!

Not for the kids though (they don't go back until Thursday). Class starts for me today, in the form of this:

You might recall last year I signed up to take part in Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday Class. One the great things about Shimelle's classes is that once you've paid to take part the first time then you get to participate every year without any further charges. You get all the new prompts, access to the forums etc. Great value I think. You can check out my pages from last year here.

I admit I wasn't really going to take part this year (but only because I didn't really get quite to the end last time so felt a bit bad) but the lovely Louise is taking part this time round and I couldn't resist the urge to join my scrapping buddy on this little September adventure. She starts a new job tomorrow too - GOOD LUCK LOU! So if you should feel like it why not pop over and wish her luck.

So, Friday night and a little online cropping with Miss Lou and my album cover was done, cardstock pages cut and punched and album assemble (although I will dismantle it while I scrap the pages). Here's the finished article:

LSNED Album cover

It's turned out a little more muted in colours than it was in my head originally, but the absolute best thing about it (in my mind anyway) is that I've manged to make the album and assemble a kit for the class entirely using stash that I already have! Hurrah! Go me, being all scrapping frugal. Making a dent in the massive stash isn't a bad thing either.

I've just been looking back to the post I linked about where I talked about starting the LSNED class this time last year. Here's a little of what I had to say (if you didn't clickity click it):

Can anyone else feel it? The change of seasons just hovering there on the brink? I love Autumn, so I can't wait and I definitely had that Autumney feel setting off to work this morning. There's a definite "back to school" vibe in the air. I can't wait until the nights start to draw in. Autumn is the best season ever!

You know what's weird? I felt exactly the same as this this morning. Clearly the 1st September brings out the Autumn lover in me.

Right, must dash, I have brownies in the oven. Channelling Martha again, clearly.

Oh - and I've actually finished my projects for the Seaside swap. Expect to see them soon when my swap buddy has taken delivery :)



Polly said...

Yeay - a fellow autumn lover! Autumn mornings are the best and that back to school feeling always gives me a happy little new pencil case related shiver.

Your cover is really cool - I love the big lacey flowers.

I had a look a your pages from last year, they're really inspiring and I can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

lovely album cover, and I adore Autumn too! looking fwd to seeing more of your Shimelle class entries

{ Emma } said...

Beautiful album cover.

And clearly Autumn is in the air today, while I was at work I was sat looking out of the window (being productive honest!) and noticed just how much the leaves have started to turn.

Autumn is definately on it's way.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Love Autumn! Your page is great!

Gez Butterworth said...

I had that exact same feeling this morning!! Thanks for your blog comments. I love your front cover. It caught my eye. The colours are lovely. Well done for using your stash.xx

Hope you've had a lovely first day. Looking forward to seeing your work in class. Happy crafting. Gez.xx

April said...

I love Autumn and back to school always seems to me a better time to start new things than January!!

Love the colours on the scrapbook.

April xx

Lou said...

I love the cover hun and those muted colours work really well. Thanks for posting the link to last year's pages, given me a pointer as to what's expected! Glad I've got you to walk me through it! x

Rachel said...

Ooh, feeling excited now! I have that same September feeling too. Looking forward to snuggling up in handknitted socks and homemade quilts!
R x

Dawn said...

Yes there's definitely been a nip in the air these last couple of mornings, love that strip of lace on your cover.