Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Quest for Fitness

I made my first page for the Learn Something New Everyday Class (here after known as LSNED to avoid much superfluous typing on my part) last night. As we're supposed to be scrapping what we've learnt in a particular day and it's a bit hard to do that until you've lived it we're scrapping a day behind so the page I made yesterday on 2nd was actually the page for the 1st. Confused? Me too.

So, lesson learnt for September 1st? Well. You remember I mentioned this a little while back. I've been running and had been doing quite well with keeping up my 3 times a week, until about a week and a half ago, when I let one night slide, then another, then another. Eek! I finally dragged my unco-operative bum to the gym on Tuesday night, only to discover that having a lazy week off might be nice at the time - but it only makes it harder to get back into things once you get back to the gym. Hopefully I can continue to remember this listen. {Note to Self} Must go to gym tonight!

Here's the page anyway:

September 1st

In other news - I finally officially moved into my new office today. Hurrah! Phone is on, computer is up and running. Okay, so the boxes are still to be unpacked and there's nothing on the walls or noticeboards yet, but at least I'm in there. It will be very strange going into work on Monday morning and going straight to the new office rather than the admin office. The end of an era!

We even have a plant in our new office, a lovely present from the admin manager for a moving in gift (how sweet is that?). It's fabulously red and yellow and goes lovely with our orange wall. We're positively tropical in there (which can only be a good thing if the weather continues in the same vain as it was today).

Here's my lovely plant:

Plant in my new office

Wanna start a sweep on how long it takes me to kill it??? ;)



Lou said...

Love the page hun, especially the colours! I take it you were at the back of the class with me in Horticulture then? I just have to look at them! ;)

{ Emma } said...

Ooohhh great page, me and gyms don't get on though. I try for a little while but it never lasts.

Enjoy your new office, wish we had an orange wall and lovely plants like yours!


Gez Butterworth said...

Great 1st page. Good lesson too! Love your plant. Good luck with the class.xx

April said...

Nice plant and good layout too!

April xx

Karen said...

Love the size of the photo in relation to the page - it really stands out.

SallyL said...

Great first day - this clas is a bit like that to - you've got to keep at it or you get way behind!!

Polly said...

Great page and SUCH a good lesson. I haven't been to the gym in about 3 months - how hard will it be to go back now?

Great plant BTW - the orange plant pot rocks!

Anonymous said...

Lovely page and what a good lesson. I haven't been near a gym in about 5 years - no willpower at all I'm afraid! Pushing a buggy everywhere is my exercise these days ;-)

Michaela said...

Well, come on, tell us all - is the plant still alive?