Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Where is September going to?

I cannot believe we're already half way through September already. Or that it's nearly a fortnight since I last blogged. Lots going on around here, not all of it great but more on that in a bit.

First (and actually quite useful for remembering everything that's gone on), I have been keeping up with my LSNED pages (remarkably). Here's a quick lowdown on what I've not got around to posting yet:

Sept 2nd

Kendo managed to leave a bag of ice out of the freezer before he went to bed - not really good when left on top of a recipe book. I've had this recipe book since I was about 7 years old and still make things from it - its fab (especially the brownie recipe).

September 2nd

Sept 3rd

I finally moved into my new office at work which is cool - but I was a little sad to be leaving the admin office where I've been based for the last 2 year. Endings and new beginnings.

September 3rd

Sept 4th

The age old law of posties - when you're waiting for a parcel they'll try to deliver it as soon as you've left the house!

September 4th

Sept 5th

A tough one this. I had a falling out with some good friends quite a number of years back. Things around here of late have been making me think life it too short to be harbouring arguments, so I tried to get in touch to make the peace - so far nothing back, but at least I know I've done what I can to get the peace process moving. Watching this space.

September 5th

Sept 6th

The key to me actually doing the pages on time this year, I'm doing them little bits at a time when I can. So far it seems to be working.

September 6th

Sept 7th

The saddest of days so far. My SILs doggy has been very poorly and had to be put to sleep. Not an easy decision for them to make, but probably the best one. She was the biggest prima donna pup I've never known, but was a sweetie aswell and the kids loved her to bits (although I think she was generally just long suffering when it came to tolerating them!). RIP Annie.

September 7th

Sept 8th

Completely random learning for this day. Being in the new office with my boss now (when were were previously based across college from one another) I'm finding out lots of strange things I didn't know about her - like the fact that she can juggle AND ride a unicycle, but apparently only in a straight line!

September 8th

Sept 9th

Scary scary moment for this days learning.

September 9th

Now, I have done up to the 14th but I think that's enough photos for today. On to the reason for the September 9th layout.

Last Wednesday morning Egg managed to terrify the life out of me by not being able to walk when he woke up. Usually he's straight out of bed and into ours in a morning but he stayed in his bed shouting for someone to come get him, he wouldn't walk and when we did finally coax him into standing up and taking some steps he was super wobble and crying.

Whisked him off to the doctors office that morning (by which time he had started walking a little but was still limping and very wobbly) and was sent for hip and knee X-rays. Egg was a total superstar for the X-rays (as was Archie Bear, they both got stickers!) and we sat back to wait for the results.

The Docs called the day after with the result, starting the conversation with the phrase "Don't worry, but...." (like that's not going to make you crap your pants at whats coming??

Hence the Sept 10th page, come to think about it:

September 10th

The upshot of the phone call is that there is a shadow on the X-ray of Egg's left knee joint which needs to be investigated by an Orthopedic specialist. They don't think it's anything sinister, possibly a cyst, but it needs to be looked at. We've had his appointment date through for 13th October, so we just need to wait and see till then. Egg's been absolutely fine, so I'm sure it's nothing - but you can't help worry when something isn't as it should be with your babies.

On completely unrelated crafty stuff. I really need to stay away from I went on there just for a mooch about and ended up spending some of Saturday whipping up a winter hat for me:

Diva Snow Hat

I'm not sure about whether I like it or not yet. Time will tell. I didn't make the felted flower - it's the one I won in the giveaway a while back, but I think it fits with the hat really well.

Can I just had a quick HURRAH! as Egg has just asked for his potty....and actually peed in it!! Hurrah!

Right, must get everyone dressed and off to their respective places of work, play or learning.

(apologies for any typos or errors, haven't time to check back)



Lou said...

I am loving your LSNED pages, will you bring the whole album with you next week so I can see it IRL?

Glad Egg got his appointment, hope he and Archie get another stickjer a piece on the day! :)

If you don't like the hat I know some mad Yorkshire bird who will adopt it! ;)

Daisie said...

Really love the hat, want one want one *stamps foot and pouts*

I hope your olive branch is accepted in the right manner and that bridges can be mended, life is indeed too short!

And lastly but not least I do hope Egg is better soon and nasty kneeness is soon a thing of the past!


Polly said...

Wow - you've been having quite a time of it but I love that you've managed to extract meanful lesson even out of your SIL loosing her dog.

Hope Egg's knee is found to be fine - T've got a radiographer friend who brings me 'I was good and sat still for my x-ray' stickers (even when I haven't) so I know what an incentive they can be.

kim said...

You've had a lot going on lately! So sorry to hear about Egg, but hope that all is well when you go back in. That must have been scary for all of you.

Well done on the LO's--you and Lou have made me consider doing this next year! But first I need to follow through on this years Christmas class, which I signed up for last year and then hardly did anything!

April said...

Goodness you have been through it! Fingers crossed all goes well for Egg.

Hope you get some response to the olive branch - if only for the closure

April xx

AuntieYan said...

Thanks for what u said about Annie, me and Mum read it last night and were very touched! We decided not to show Kerry as it was so late but will show her today.... once she's had a sob am sure she'll be very touched 2!!

AuntieYan said...

PS- Hope the olive branch is taken as intended!!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Blimey - what a busy person you have been - you put me to shame!

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