Monday, 19 October 2009

Attic Inspired

I’ve mentioned before my love of all things Attic24. Lucy’s blog really is the most inspiring place. She’s just full to brimming with lots of amazing, colourful, lovely ideas (which thankfully she’s just as keen to share as she is to create).

Lucy’s been unveiling a lot of little projects on her blog lately and they’ve gotten me to thinking (once again) about the idea of original ideas. I’ve mentioned this before too (I’m a really “Rita Repeater” today it would seem (that’s what we call Miss Grace when she insists on repeating the same statement over and over – drives us potty)). It’s so very difficult these days to come up with an “original” idea. I’m always totally in awe of people like Lucy, and Julie, and Barbara and Jodie (to name but a few)who time and time again come up with amazing new things for us to drool over. There’s some seriously amazing creative talent out there in crafty blogville. Love it!

So. In light of the thinking about original ideas, I wanted to try to come up with something which for once wasn’t something I’d copied from elsewhere. Nothing big, just a little something out of my brain that was just mine. A blank. That was what I came up with. So, I figured, start smaller. Start with a little inspiration from elsewhere your first time out and build from there. So, I started with Lucy. More specifically, I started with these. Lucy’s teeny tiny flower pattern. These are so cute, and so easy to make (thanks once again to Lucy’s fabulous pattern writing skills). Now I just need to find something original to do with them. So, I did this:

Crocheted headband

Grace (crocheted head band)

A crocheted headband for Miss Grace. Not rocket science, but not something I’ve seen anywhere before (although I’m sure if I trawled through the internet that someone, somewhere, has done this before, no more original ideas and all that). She likes it. I like it. I might even try to write a pattern (but don’t get your hopes up, it won’t be a patch on an Attic one!).

Other then the random crochet item making I've mostly been baking around here, but not cakes for a change. I've really been getting excited about bread making this week (sad, I know). I have tried baking bread in the past but it's always been a bit of a disappointment. So what's a girl to do when something isn't going as it should? Why, read a book on it, of course! A little trip to the local library while Grace was at dance class yielded a copy of this book, which is very informative and has some great recipes. Clearly the problem in the past was that I didn't quite understand the science of it. I'm a scientist at heart and once I'd gotten my head round the processes that are going on in that yeasty-smelling floury mixture things just made sense to me. So now instead of the usual almost flat and completely yeasty tasting disasters that I normally produce, we get this:

Homemade Bread

Deliciously yummy bloomer loaves. And you know what, they taste goooooood. I forsee much more breadmaking in my future. Of course I'd have to give up work and bake full time if I intended never to buy shop bought bread again - no sooner have I baked these than they're already half way through being eaten!

On a last note, I haven't forgotten about these. They're a work in progress. More about that next post. Talking of which. Next post. Could be exciting. Can you count?? Google dashboard can and it's telling me exciting things......



Anonymous said...

Love, Love the headbands, I like the crocheted band, very clever.
I sew a tiny flower and leaf on a ponytail holder and have just sold a load as christmas stocking fillers. They look really sweet.

Bread looks good too

humel said...

Ooh, are you about to hit a big, exciting number??? Cool :-)

Love, love, love that headband!! The Girl is decidedly UNgirly though, if I made one it would have to be for me...

Loving the fresh bread also :-) I tend to use a breadmaker to do the dough then shape it into rolls and/or loaves - so much quicker but not quite as satisfying!

Casey said...

I would love to know how to make that headband, both my daughters would love them I'm sure!

silverpebble said...

Oh, lovely lovely LOVELY! That headband is to die for - my eldest (nearly four) would trade several small softy monkeys for that (her currency of choice). Clever you. Hmm, do you fancy a tiny swap? A bracelet, perhaps, for one of those?

Unknown said...

I love Lucy toooooo... This is way too cute.

April said...

yummy bread! Loving the crochet too! I'm still working on it, can do squares now but not rounds - any tips??

April xx

Unknown said...

What a nice post in honor of our friend Luce. She will dig these adorable headbands that's forsure. Oh, too be a little girl again and wear such a sweet treat.

Charlie P said...

That looks GOOOOOOOOOD! Must have a go at breadmaking :-)