Wednesday, 11 November 2009

300 (with a Giveaway)

Nine hundred and thirty eight days ago I stood in our back garden one evening and declared I was going to start a blog. Kendo questioned what on earth I had to say to the world...well, lots, clearly. 300 posts worth of lots in fact. 300 posts worth of inane babble about babies, motherhood, puke, paper, card, yarn and fabric all mixed up with some laughter, some tears and some days were I could barely remember my own name, let alone type it!

So, in keeping with blogland tradition - A Giveaway for my 300th post. Inspired by this post from a little while ago I'm going to giveaway three of the Morsbags I've been working on. You get some Cath Kidson-esque shopping bag goodness and I feel better about saving the planet. It's win-win!. These are the bags I've been working on:

Morsbags 1

If you'd like to get one then leave a comment (come on all your lurkers - let me know you're out there and I'll pick out three people to get a bag.

Right, that's the formalities out of the way. In other Cookieland news - well, there isn't much really, hence the not much blogging. We had a fabulous visit from our good buddies Louise, Emily and Xander - of which I took practically no photos, fortunately Miss Lou is much more organised that me and has blogged about our little get together here.

Halloween has come and gone (Grace was a witch, Egg was a vampire, there was chocolate and sweeties and falling over).

Bonfire night has come and gone (there were indoor sparklers and watching some fireworks from the window - not much else though it was too bloomin' wet around here!). I figured I'd better get blogging something or Christmas would be come and gone at this rate!

The big news yesterday was that this guy:


My (much tormented by me) oldest nephew, has passed his fitness test to be accepted in the Royal Navy. He's waiting to get a start date so he can head off down to HMS Rayleigh for his basic training. We're so proud of him. He worked really hard training to pass this fitness test and we're really proud that he's choosing to serve in our armed forces (if a little scared that he's chosen this time of war we live it to do it).

Mostly though? I'm looking forward to being able to tease him about wearing this get up:


Because trust me when I tell you that taking the mick out of someone for wearing this silly hat and flares never gets tired. It just doesn't. It's quality torment material to last a life time. Flares I tell you! (Okay, the fun does kind of wear off when they spend 30 minutes lecturing you on the reason they have to wear the flares (easier to turn up when you're swabbing the decks, in case you're interested) but for the most part it's fun).

The final thing for this 300th celebratory post? Baking. Mmmmmmmmm. Cupcakes were requested by my hubby yesterday as his minion at work is leaving (moving across the country) so he thought cupcakes would be a nice last day treat.

Devil's food cupcakes with raspberry filing and vanilla mascarpone frosting. Mmmmmmm.

Choc and Raspberry

They weren't quite this green looking, I swear. The lighting in my kitchen is appalling at 9.30 at night!

Next time I will have some finished scrapbook pages to share (scouts honour).



humel said...

I've been lurking since LSNED this year.... And yep, it takes bribery to get me to comment! Sorry.....

Rachel said...

Congratulations on 300 posts! Those morsbags look so pretty, and the cupcakes are absolutely amazing, my mouth is watering!!
R x

Daisie said...

The bags look brilliant! Do I get a cupcake in one if I win?!

Tara said...

I do love the looks of them cupcakes...

Lou said...

Oh the best cupcakes in the world! And yes to the laughing at men in uniform, that picture always makes me laugh (sorry Kendo, but it does! :P).

Happy 300th you old bat! ;)

kim said...

Why do you post such amazing pictures of cupcakes on here? Now I want to eat one (but we don't happen to have cupcakes that look like that, or anything else for that matter, in the house.)

As always, I love being able to see what you are up to and love the bags--I need to make some because the recycled bags I currently use are on the small side, and DH refuses to use them. And while I'd love one of your bags, I have a feeling that he will not deem them manly enough for him ;) But I do most of the shopping anyway.

Pantha said...

If I can't have a Morse bag can I have a cupcake! or the recipe at the very least. They look seriously good. yes I've been lurking for some time too, coming over frm Stashbasket!

Gill said...

yep time to come clean - i'm a lurker too - been reading your blog for a while - i'm an attic 24 fan too!!

Kate said...

Congrats on 300 posts! The bags look lovely and the cupcakes look delicious :-)

Kate said...

Congrats on 300 posts! The bags look lovely and the cupcakes look delicious :-)

emhowl said...

Congratulations on your staying power with the blog. It's full of inspiration and the idea that someone who can bake such beautiful cupcakes doesn't finish her JYC either is comforting. But, like you, I'm amazingly organised this Christmas so maybe this year!

Weren't you lucky with the Cath Kidson purchase? Perfect for a Morsbag.

April said...

300 posts well done you!

April xx